Jul 272012
The importance of connecting with your social media subscribers cannot be overstated; if you don’t connect with them, you will never be successful online.  This is especially true in the age of social media.

social media subscribers

Making connections has always been important, even in the days before the Internet.  This was especially true in terms of entering a profession and advancing one’s career.  That is why the common phrase, “It’s who you know,” came to pass.  However, since the Internet, and more specifically, smartphones and tablets, have come into existence, making connections is even more important.


The world is driven by social media and making meaningful connections online, whether it’s via Facebook™, Twitter™, LinkedIn™, YouTube™, Google+™, and other social media sites.  This is true amongst individuals, businesses, and between individuals and businesses.  In this day and age of social media, it is virtually essential that you make meaningful connections with your target market or else be left behind as your competitors make connections with the target market and take their market share, leaving your business to dry up and fold.

The first thing you should do to connect with your subscribers is to stay in consistent contact with them via email, as this is where they have connected with you first via your opt-in form.  Just because subscriber lists aren’t mentioned as frequently as they were before social media exploded on the scene does not mean that they are useless tools to begin establishing a meaningful relationship with your subscribers. 


Additionally, you should invite your subscribers to connect with you on the various social media platforms mentioned above.  If you don’t already have your profile on these sites, you should do so immediately.  Social media is not only prominent now, but it will be in the future as well as more and more people will continue to sign up on these sites and connect with others who they find interesting, intriguing, and notable to connect with.

The other main reason why you need to connect with your subscribers on social media is because connecting on social media will make you appear more human, which is a key element in overcoming the noted bias of no-name faces marketing products online.  Internet Marketing used to be quite impersonal because people would be behind their computer screens sending relatively impersonal emails and directing subscribers to their relatively impersonal sales letters in order to obtain sales. 

Nowadays, by connecting via social media, subscribers know that you are an actual person who actually cares about interacting with your subscribers, learning what problems and challenges they face, and coming up with workable solutions that will address those problems and challenges.  Additionally, you share elements of your personal life and even personal struggles on these social media sites, and this encourages your subscribers to open up to you and to trust you more, which makes it more likely that they will trust your recommendations and purchase the offers you recommend, both of your own products and the products of other Internet Marketers.


At ExquisiteWriting.com, we know the value and importance of establishing connections with your target market, especially in this day and age of social media.  We also know how to exactly connect with your subscribers in the proper way to build a relationship between you and your target market so that they trust you more and you gain lifelong customers of your products and/or services.

Jul 242012

ghost writerIt goes without saying that a prolific collection of books should be in the home of every half-respectable writer. Yet how much value does an in-depth awareness of literature have to a ghostwriter? At first consideration, its value seems relatively insignificant when considering the work that ghostwriters do, for their words are seldom their own.

On the other hand, it is easy to suppose its value lies in its ability to enhance your writing skills and creative thinking. Whilst this is indeed a part of it, there remains a greater significance in knowing the difference between Ernest Hemingway and Stephen King. Not that the latter should be spurned for his entertaining fiction, and at the same time not solely wishing to glorify so-called ‘canonical’ fiction, it is however essential to see the difference between the two types – what one can offer you whereas the other cannot.

So what can classical literature offer you? Well, the likes of Shakespeare can offer you an overstated sense of self-importance – we do all love quoting it!

Outside such levity, however, is the truth that for all ghostwriting an awareness of the cultural conventions that have formed the literature of today is an important feature. It lets us better know how to handle the variety of projects we get given, and more specifically, the projects that demand a little tact and delicacy when it comes to a certain subject or target audience.

Other than this, books of great literature are like carefully placed stepping stones that lead to a greater awareness in all things. It might sound a little mystic, and maybe even a tad crazy. But the truth is it can be hard to articulate how essential literature is to any writer, ghostwriters perhaps more than any. The multitude of services they offer demand that their knowledge is broad, and both experience and knowledge are derived from literature.

For example, as I writer I might have been stylistically influenced by the literature of Cormac McCarthy – if you get the chance, read it. A big part of this type of work is being able to think and perceive in a variety of ways – ways you would not usually expect. McCarthy offers this in abundance through his 10 novels. A warning however, they are not for the faint of heart, it is positively harrowing throughout – though it does offer a damn good read.

Jul 202012

You don’t ask for too much. You just need freelance writers writer who will provide you with excellent online content in the form of articles or blog posts. They must use correct grammar and accurate, consistent spelling. Finally, you need them to provide the work on time. They need to be reliable if you are going to pay for a service, just as you would expect your plumber or electrician to turn up for work at the time you agreed. So what are the secrets of finding writers who can match your requirements?

freelance writersThe first secret is setting the right budget

It is easy to search the internet to find the prevailing rates available to buy writers for hire. The difficult part is in understanding what rate to pay.

Quite quickly you will find people offering to write for you at rates you wouldn’t have thought were possible; so low you wouldn’t have thought anyone could live on those amounts. However, when you look only at the rate of pay, you must look at the location of some of those individuals.

They might live on the other side of the world and are able to live on US$100 a month, but you run the risk of English, or the language you need for your articles, not being their first natural language. If you employ someone to write for you for the price of less than you would pay for a coffee, their work may not (there are always exceptions to any rule) come up to the standards you require.

Their example works will look great because they have arranged to have their worked checked by an appropriate person, but their day to day work will be full of grammar and spelling mistakes – despite everyone using Microsoft Word spell checker!

The second secret is found in the testimonials

Everyone can say they will write well, with correct grammar and spelling. No doubt all freelance writers say they will deliver the work on time, or before. You won’t want to find out this isn’t true when the work arrives in your inbox.

Check testimonials carefully. Consider sending an email direct to the person who provided the testimonial to check the potential standard of work before you commission articles or blog posts.

Obviously no-one is going to offer a poor testimonial, but by spending a little time and effort, you can save yourself hours in the long term when you might need to hire another writer to complete the work if your first choice fails the test.

The third secret is in knowing what best suits your organisation

Simply, it costs too much to maintain employees to write content for you unless you intend to update your magazine or blog by 8-12 articles a day. There isn’t only the outlay of advertising and hiring those employees, but tax and insurance and other likely long term costs like pensions and healthcare. What if they get sick? You will have to pay them and get someone else in to take over their work. No wonder so many people outsource this type of work.

If you remain unsure about where to look for freelance writers, use forums to find writers from comments by people you trust. Word of mouth always remains high on anyone’s list.  Or just contact us!

Jul 132012

Helping your subscribers overcome the phenomenon of “information overload” is not only essential to help your subscribers to succeed, but also to mark yourself as an expert who genuinely cares about your subscribers.

One of the greatest advantages of the Internet is the ability to find information on virtually any topic imaginable.  One of the greatest disadvantages of the Internet is the ability to find information on virtually any topic imaginable.  How can it be both?

Well, it’s obvious that using the power of the Internet to find information on your selected topic is beneficial for you to gain knowledge when you need to learn something (such as how to treat a wound or lose weight safely), for market research on creating a new product for your subscribers (via niche research, etc.), and for learning how to create your own online business (learning business basics, HTML, copywriting, etc.)

Conversely, the Internet is so large and there are an almost infinite number of websites out there providing information of various quality on every imaginable topic.  This leads to the disadvantage of finding information on a topic but being unsure of whether that information is accurate, inaccurate, or outdated (i.e. was accurate, but is no longer accurate).

What is Information Overload?

The fact that there is so much information out there can often lead a person to experience “information overload.”  This is where there is so much information, good and bad, that a person can feel overwhelmed in trying to learn and implement it all.  This can happen in any topic, but it is often experienced by those who are trying to start and operate successful online businesses.  This is mostly due to the fact that the Internet Marketing field is so popular in terms of people wanting to enter the market and earn the vast amounts of riches many talk about that Internet Marketers will provide information of varying qualities in an attempt to satisfy the wants of their subscribers.

The Downside of Information Overload

The problem is that some of this information is repeated, some of this information is outdated, and some of it is inaccurate.  However, the buyer often does not know this until some time has passed, and often, only learns about this after he/she attempts to implement the methods described in the ebook, software program, or Webinar he/she purchased.  The results can vary between the methods being useful, ineffective, and even detrimental toward their businesses.

This information overload explosion has led many people to distrust the Internet Marketing field, making it harder for all Internet Marketers, both the reputable and disreputable type, to have their subscribers purchase any offers, and even for those subscribers to stay subscribed.  They don’t believe that the information presented by many Internet Marketers is new, useful, and different from what they already know.  This is why many people also become disillusioned over actually being able to create a successful online business, thus leading to them investing considerable money into creating one, failing to create it, then having to return to a 9-5 job.

How To Help Your Readers and Subscribers

This is why it is vital that you establish a meaningful relationship with your subscribers and show them that the information you provide is useful, new, and worth your subscribers’ time to obtain it and use it.  Doing this will convince your subscribers that you are different from the vast majority of Internet Marketers, making it more likely that they will trust you more, and thus, be willing to follow your recommendations and purchase your offers.  This is key if you want to emerge from the sea of Internet Marketers and really convince your subscribers that you are different, are here for the long haul, and that you genuinely care about their well-being by providing various solutions that directly address the problems and challenges your target market is facing.

You need to provide only information about products/services that you truly believe will help your subscribers.  Ideally, these should be products/services that you yourself have used in your business or at the very least have extensively tested; this way, you can be fully confident that you are only notifying your subscribers of the very best information and resources available so that your subscribers are not burned out from information overload and can actually succeed at creating successful online businesses of their own.

ExquisiteWriting.com knows the value of an Internet Marketer who only recommends quality products/services that can truly help his/her subscribers create their own successful online businesses.  Those Internet Marketers are extremely rare, as most are out to sell as many products from as many different product creators as possible, even if they’ve never tested and/or used the products they recommend or know that the products are substandard.  This is why it is important for Internet Marketers to emerge from this way of thinking and convince their subscribers that they are truly different and really want their subscribers to succeed in escaping the 9-5 rat race and being successful online.  The writers at ExquisiteWriting.com know how to convey this way of thinking to your subscribers successfully so that you are seen as a genuine expert who actually cares about his/her subscribers’ success and not just worried about how many product sales you make from your subscribers.

Jul 092012

In today’s modern world, seldom will you find an individual who does not have semi-proficient typing skills. In the face of this, it can seem that audio transcription is a skill set that just about anyone is capable of doing, the only dividing factor being time available and word per minute speed.

However, this is simply not true. Whilst for the accomplished, the process does, of course, entail a special infinity for the keyboard, there are certainly other skills required. For example, it would be wrong to underestimate the importance of a strong knowledge of the English language. Semantics particularly come into play when performing a task like this, as it forces you to process seemingly unstructured words and seamlessly encode them into a new definitive structure. Grammatical knowledge, strength of vocabulary and an ear that hones onto the intricate details of speech are all necessary components to providing good quality audio transcription.

This latter detail deserves particular attention. Often when relating to the ‘English language’, we fail to appreciate the wide range of sub-languages that encompass it. When it comes to audio transcription, the difficulties of this are evident in most writers’ inability to accommodate for regional differences. Accents are always a nuisance for those who do not have a strong awareness of all aspects of the English language – it requires someone with a regional expertise, who knows the special variations that an accent can bring.

Here at ExquisiteWriting, our writers take special pride in their ability to adapt tone, voice and accent. If you are searching for the right audio transcript service, you should be aware that budget outsourcing will usually equate to hiring writers who do not have regional expertise in your required language. It is a guaranteed truth that for high quality English script, you need English writers. Not only will they have lived with the language, but they will have studied it in the extensive detail that is necessary for their craft.

Go elsewhere and you may find that a foreign team, professing to provide professional audio transcription, does not meet the level of quality that you expect. Furthermore, such better quality writing can be sought by finding individuals who have expertise in the topic in question. This might appear surprising in audio transcription, but it is nevertheless true that through the use of acronyms, or indeed any type of short hand speech, meanings can become lost to those who do not understand the subject in enough detail. Note examples such as medical transcription – for this to be of a high enough quality, it is essential that the writer have a grounded knowledge in the subject, else accurate transcription will not be guaranteed.

It further illustrates the point that typing is not something that just anyone can do. In truth, the ability to provide top quality audio transcription remains a service only sustainable by a team of professional writers, whose expertise extends across a broad range of topics and knowledge of regional difference.

Jul 032012
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Hiring a freelance writer can be a scary situation. Since you do not know this person, and sometimes he or she works in another country, it can be daunting to take the step in trusting someone with your website’s content.

While there are many freelance writers out looking for work, some are not as professional as you would anticipate. This professionalism really brings the market of freelance writing down, but it is important to know that not all freelance writers are the same.

If you’ve hired some subpar freelance writers, you may have suffered from these situations:

  • Paying too much for low quality
  • Content past deadlines
  • Paying for content you never see
  • Writer disappears leaving you in search of a new one at the last minute

Luckily, there are some ways around these situations so you can hire freelance writers who will produce articles you expect to receive. Check out some of these tips to help you to turn your luck around with writers.

#1: Review Samples Before You Hire

You may not feel that it’s important to look at writers’ samples after seeing resumes, but you may not like the person’s writing style, even if he’s written for some of the most popular websites on the Internet today. Always check their samples before making a decision to hire them.

#2: Tell the Writer Exactly What You Want

While you may believe that a writer should know what you want, every person wants something different. Telling the writer what you are looking for and giving him a sample increases your chances of being happy with what the writer produces for you.

#3: Sign a Contract

When you sign a contract, you make the business relationship professional, which warns him you want this to be a serious venture together. You also have the backing of the contract in case he runs away with your money, plagiarizes, etc.

#4: Pay for a Sample Before hiring a Freelance Writer

Do not give your new writer an assignment to do 10 articles the first time you have him work for you. Try one article and offer to pay for it. That way, you get to see what the writer can do for you and the writer won’t feel he is working for free.

#5: Try a Writing Service

Writing services, such as ExquisiteWriting.com, have many freelance writers available to produce the web content you need. This way, you don’t have to go on a treasure hunt to find a high quality writer, you have a pool of them here. With a dedicated team of professional writers waiting to write, you get your articles on time, and don’t have to worry about anyone skipping out on you.

When you need professional, high quality articles for your website, save time and money by placing your trust in a writing service that can deliver what you expect, when you expect it.

Jun 292012
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Business blogging is gaining popularity. Companies are realizing how beneficial it is to attract customers online and show off what they know. With business owners running towards blogging for their business, you may want to know what you’ll get out of it.

Benefit #1: Show You Are an Industry Expert

People want to buy from people who are experts. With a blog, you can show people you know what you are talking about and back up your company’s products and services because you know why they are the best to invest in.

The trick to this is that a business blog must remain on topic. Many times, blogs veer off course and that drives potential customers away because they aren’t getting what they are seeking when they come to the site.

When you want to show you are an expert, remain on topic and give your readers what they want to know.

Benefit #2: Bring in New Customers

Many people don’t know about your business, no matter how successful and big it is. To continue to grow your business, you need to speak to customers who don’t know about you, but need you.

When you blog, you are putting information on the Internet potential customers may find and need. This brings them to your website, impresses them with your content and then leads them to what you are selling.

Your content is the bait in the big sea of Internet users. Get these users to bite, and you will see your conversion rates rise.

Benefit #3: Increase Branding

What do people think of when they hear Mac? They think of Apple computers, right? This is its brand and it’s caught on so well that almost everyone knows about them.

This is what your business needs. It needs a branding that helps people remember you when they need you or recommend it to their friends because it’s memorable.

You can develop this branding with your blog. People who come to your blog regularly for engaging posts will see your brand and will most likely memorize it. That way, you are always fresh in people’s minds and increase bounce back traffic as well as new traffic as people spread the word.

How Often You Need to Blog

Most business blogs only have two or three new posts a week. A small percentage of companies blog once or twice a day. It’s best to blog often to give your website fresh content, which is desirable by search engines and Internet users.

Can’t find the time to blog?

Many professional bloggers are now writing for business blogs. This is their career so they know what it takes to attract your customers, keep them coming back for more and turn them over to what you offer on your site.

When looking for a blogger that can produce high quality posts for your business blog, consider a professional writing service such as ExquisiteWriting.com. We have a team of bloggers ready to take on your business blog posts to meet the needs of your old and new customers.

Jun 262012

Indie authors, or self-published authors, are coming out in droves. The race to the top of the Amazon Kindle list is on, are you ready to win?

Before you upload your book to Kindle, you need to do one important thing.

Have it proofread!

Here’s why.

There are many reasons why you should, but here the top five.

#1: Readers Care about Readability

The book may sound perfect to you but you are the one who wrote it. It’s hard to step out of the writing mode and into the reader one for your own books.

Allowing a professional proofreader read it means you’ll have someone who knows what to look for when checking for readability.

She will make sure your book flows and is consistent all the way through. That way, you know your readers receive the experience you intended them to when you wrote it.

#2: Poor Grammar Decreases a Book’s Integrity

Writers are not always the best at grammar. If this sounds like you, proofreading is crucial. Many readers will downgrade the integrity of a book if it’s littered with grammatical errors and misspellings.

A professional proofreader knows the ins and outs of grammar. She will ensure your book is flawless so readers won’t judge it based on simple grammar mistakes.

#3: Publishers are Reading

Big name publishers are looking out for promising indie authors. Don’t risk the chance of being represented by a famous publisher having your book not absolutely perfect.

#4: Share Your Book with Pride

Don’t be shamed by the mistakes and flow issues of your book when you announce to family and friends you have published a new book on Kindle. You want to be able to show it off and have everyone exclaim how great it is!

When you use a professional proofreader, you receive an editor just as proficient as the ones the big publishers use. This means you can expect your book will gain the recognition, which will fill you with pride and joy.

#5:  Make More Money

The better edited your book is, the more people will love it, the more people love it, the more people will recommend it and the more people will buy it.

There’s no better way to win the race to the top of the Amazon Kindle book list than to have a book people love. Ensure your book is the best it can be so that it attracts as many people as possible, so you can generate the sales you desire.

Your future as an indie author lies in the perfection of your book. Have your book professionally proofread by an editor with ExquisiteWriting.com today.  We can also offer a low cost book review on Amazon and here on our site.
May 112012

The assignments are rolling in and you don’t know what you have to do and when you have to do.   Sound familiar?

As a freelancer, we all have times when clients want content all at once. While the money can be great, the anxiety of getting everything done can make your quality suffer and ruin your relationship with the client.

Learning how to simplify your content writing can greatly help you keep your quality up and the assignments coming in.  Here’s a post from one team member that explains how SHE does it…


Tip #1: Stay Organized

I have a weekly planner book that has big sections for each day where I can write what I have to do for each day. When I receive an assignment, I consider the deadline and jot down what I need to do in the days ahead of that due date to make sure the assignment is complete at least the day before. With giving myself one day, I ensure that if an emergency comes up, I won’t miss the deadline.

You can use a planner or you can use your computer to keep your content writing assignments organized. Some people use Google Calendar, and others use Outlook Calendar with alerts. My advice is to try a few different scheduling programs to see which one you like the best.

Tip #2: Research before Writing

Before I begin an article, I pin OneNote to the right side of my screen. I use my browser to research the topic, and cut and paste information I want to reference. OneNote has a nice feature of labeling information with the website where it came from, which makes referencing easy.

You don’t have to use OneNote, you can use any notepad type of program. Just be sure to copy down the website URL when you paste something to it so you can use it in your references at the end of the article.

Tip #3: Outline the Article

Once I have all the information I feel is pertinent to the topic, I spend time thinking about how I would like to organize it. I don’t typically write down an outline but many other writers do and find it helpful.

You don’t have to spend much time with this, simply know what you want to write in what order. The most important part of this is making sure it logically flows.

Tip #4: Write Referencing Your Research and Outline

Once you have your research and outline, you can start to write. Consult your outline to start the article, and then go back and forth with your research to make sure you include everything you want in the article.

Tip #5: Read Out Loud to Proofread

You’ve written your article and you think it’s great. Hold on, you need to proof it. You don’t want it littered with mistakes, right?

Read your article out loud because it’s less likely you’ll add in words that aren’t there because you remember writing them. If the article flows logically, has no misspellings and grammatically errors, you are done and ready for the next one on your list.

May 082012

Writing bad blogs hurts your traffic. Blogs are your main attraction to your website. If you don’t have posts that stick to your visitors, you won’t have them coming back for more.

Find out if you are making the three biggest mistakes in writing a blog and how to fix them if you are…

Blogging Mistakes #1: Not Writing to Audience’s Needs

Do you know who your audience is and do you know what they want? Identifying these two factors will help you write better blogs.

Web users want to find content that addresses their needs and wants. If they come to your website and don’t find what they need, they are less likely to return.

However, if you are able to give each one of your visitors the information they are looking for you are much more likely to see visitors bounce back.

Blogging Mistakes #2: Fail to Entertain and Intrigue Readers

Web users not only want information, but they want it in a way that entertains them. You want your web visitors to read your posts all the way through. That means you need to engage them not only in the beginning but throughout your post.

How to do it…

You can do this by telling them what they want to know right in the beginning of the post. Don’t build up to the answer they are looking for because they won’t spend the time to read it and click the back button before they even find it.

Instead, give them what they want right in the beginning, but then give them something more that they MUST know. Intrigue them so they want to keep reading. Tell them that there’s more to what they just found out than what they thought.

Blogging Mistakes #3: Not Inviting Readers to Create Community

Blogs are community based. It’s for like-minded people to come together to learn from the posts and each other. The comments in your blog posts can sometimes be more important than the posts themselves. People often come back to see what others have said in the comments they contributed to, especially if it’s an interesting debate. When people come back to your site, they often begin to notice other topics, services and products you offer.

How to create community…

You can create community simply by inviting your readers to share their input. Ask questions that spark a debate. Ask for advice or for feedback. People love to speak their minds and giving them an invitation to do it will tempt them to open up.

When Writing a Blog Takes Too Much Time

Running a website, managing web content and writing a blog can be time consuming and overwhelming. If you’re having a difficult time engaging your readers and facilitating the community you need on your website to increase conversion rates, consider hiring bloggers.

Web content companies, such as ExquisiteWriting.com, has a team of bloggers who understand how to write attractive blogs that bring people together. That way, you can focus on managing the customers, as your blog brings them in.