Jul 272012
How To Connect With Your Social Media Subscribers

In this day and age of social media, it is virtually essential that you make meaningful connections with your target market or else be left behind as your competitors make connections with the target market and take their market share, leaving your business to dry up and fold.

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Jul 092012
Turning Quality Words Into Quality Audio Transcription

If you are searching for the right audio transcript service, you should be aware that budget outsourcing will usually equate to hiring writers who do not have regional expertise in your required language. It is a guaranteed truth that for high quality English script, you need English writers. Not only will they have lived with the language, but they will have studied it in the extensive detail that is necessary for their craft.

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May 112012
Can’t Keep Up? 5 Ways to Simplify Your Content Writing

As a freelancer, we all have times when clients want content all at once. While the money can be great, the anxiety of getting everything done can make your quality suffer and ruin your relationship with the client.

Learning how to simplify your content writing can greatly help you keep your quality up and the assignments coming in.

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May 082012
Do You Make These 3 Blogging Mistakes When Writing a Blog?

Writing bad blogs hurts your traffic. Blogs are your main attraction to your website. If you don’t have posts that stick to your visitors, you won’t have them coming back for more. Find out if you are making the three biggest mistakes in writing a blog and how to fix them if you are…

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