May 042012
The Simple Guide to Copywriters

The world of web writing is getting bigger by the day. There are so many different types of writers with various skills. Understanding what to look for in writers can help you find the web content creator you need.

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Apr 112012
Discover How Good Writing Content Boosts Online Sales  - Do’s & Don’ts for Sales Success!

To get quality traffic that readily converts to sales your writing content needs to be informative, interesting and inspire confidence in potential customers.  This isn’t a secret and most website owners know they need to project an intelligent, professional image for their brand to succeed.  But how???   1.  Don’t alienate customers with shoddy writing content You may be a born salesman or woman, with the gift of the gab and a fabulous product or service – but not everyone knows how to get this across to potential customers with well-written content. If your web content writing is amateurish and

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Mar 202012
The Power Of Creative Writing To The Everyday Business

Usually the two things are seen at either ends of a spectrum, creative writing and business. The former aiming to please the imagination, the latter to either inform, convince or present. However, it can be surprising how often the two become intertwined. This is not just an accidental occurrence, creative writing is at the heart of marketing, sales-pitches and the very process of attracting a potential customer. Most forms of writing require a significant flare of creativity to meet their purpose In a way it becomes a necessary component; most forms of writing require a significant flare of creativity to

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Mar 132012
Get Noticed with a Corporate Summary - Make Your Fact Sheets Marketing Magnets!

When you find it difficult to get a personal meeting with a particular client, leaving a Corporate Summary or product Fact Sheet can often solve the problem for you.  It’s a great marketing tool that explains exactly what you have to offer in a clear and concise way that appeals to busy managers and executives. Bring in new business All press kits/media kits should contain a Corporate Summary and a Fact Sheet for each of your main product lines or services.  If you haven’t got around to compiling a full press kit yet,  at least prepare a Corporate Summary and

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Mar 022012
Professional Website Copy: The Most Valuable Ingredient For A Quality Website

The web is an instrumental tool in engaging each other on a global scale. It comes as no surprise, then, that in order for an individual, business or cooperation to be successful, it is essential they have a quality platform (i.e. a website) from which to grow, expand and flourish. To reach this level of quality, one of the most valuable ingredients is professional grade website copy. Whilst an excellent website design may provide the viewer with a pleasing visual experience, it is only through concise, informed and astute website copy that a website gains the level of substance it

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Feb 142012
Must Read Email Marketing Content - More Tips for Success

Read some more email marketing tips for success: Start as You Mean to Go On: Building an opt in email subscribers list is a good place to start, but if you are not able to grab the attention of every customer on your list, then you may as well not bother building a list at all. It is critical that the content of your email marketing newsletters builds customer trust and offers valuable information about your business and the related industry right from the beginning of your email marketing campaign. There are several email marketing tools available for you to

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Feb 102012
Email Marketing Tips for a Slow Economy

Email marketing has quickly become one of the most effective methods of business marketing campaigns during the current recession that the economy now faces. It is cheap and easy to implement, making it ideal for small businesses, as well as the bigger more established corporations. The flexibility of email advertising allows for more options that traditional advertisement platforms.

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Feb 072012
Effective Email Marketing - The Secret

Believe it or not, there are secrets to having an effective emailing campaign. The golden rule of email marketing is to reach out to the opt in email customers on your subscribers list and never let them get away.

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Jan 242012

A good press release is a highly effective marketing tool, that costs very little to produce and can get your message across to a huge audience! Written in the third person as if one of the newspapers’ reporters had written it, it’s an excellent opportunity to get information about your product, service or special event featured in a local or national newspaper – free!

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