Mar 202012
The Power Of Creative Writing To The Everyday Business

Usually the two things are seen at either ends of a spectrum, creative writing and business. The former aiming to please the imagination, the latter to either inform, convince or present. However, it can be surprising how often the two become intertwined. This is not just an accidental occurrence, creative writing is at the heart of marketing, sales-pitches and the very process of attracting a potential customer. Most forms of writing require a significant flare of creativity to meet their purpose In a way it becomes a necessary component; most forms of writing require a significant flare of creativity to

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Mar 162012
Speed Or Quality; What Matters in Writing?

What’s most important in writing? Speed or Quality? The answer is: both. Let’s discuss speed first and how it effects the service and client expectations. When offering a writing service, speed nearly always becomes an issue. This will not be surprising to most. If a client requires a piece of writing, they usually require it promptly. In addition, the writer will at most times have a wide range of projects to handle, meaning that for on-time delivery their writing speed is put to the test in addition to their ability. Speed and Quality – Important Writing Attributes — Especially in

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Jan 202012

  Such a concept may be equated to scientific barbarism in the eyes of most, or fall into the category of dreamlike fantasy to others, but this transformative process has, at the very least, always held a strong metaphorical ground in writing. In the wrong hands language can seem dull, listless and unpersuasive. Its worth in these cases is no more than a few nickel and dimes. And yet, it has a transformative property that can make it shine, shimmer and glow. Writing of this calibre is a commodity worth its weight in (yes you guessed it!) gold. Yet this

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Jan 142012
Writing on Internet Marketing Topics Requires a Special Balance that Includes Quality Writing

The competition on Internet marketing is fierce. Let’s face it – there are hundreds of new websites coming online each day, all ready to convince you that their offer or service is the one that you need to succeed online or to solve the problem you are facing, etc.If you are in that sea of competition, how are you going to differentiate yourself from that wave of a competitive market?

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Jan 062012
Making Your Website With Quality Writing

There are a number of key features that make a successful website. When designing your own, the mounting lists of tasks can seem overwhelming. It begins with the name, then the design, and mounts rapidly. However, it is safe to say that one element of your website you should not neglect is its content.

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Dec 302011

A fine tuned sales pitch is one thing, an appealing product another, but language is the final decoration that wins over the customers mind. Beauty is in the craft, and it has an alluring nature that punctures both the conscious and subconscious mind alike. How does it do this?

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Oct 042011
The Ghostwriter As A Lateral Thinker

A skilled writer will usually possess a plethora of skills, yet one of the more fundamental is their ability to think laterally. It is a skill that particularly proves its worth when given a piece with an overall aim, but with no direct way to achieve that aim.

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