Apr 142012
Need a Cat Writer? We Can Help

Writing about cats or pets also needs a fresh approach to a subject that is relatively well covered in books, magazines and online. Having a writing team that takes a topic that has been done before and creates something new and unique is just one of the major goals at Exquisite Writing. Our writers are able to create just the article, e-book or newsletter that you want to highlight any focus area or general information on cats you want to cover. We do equine writing and other specialised topics, too.

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Feb 032012
Equine Writing - Backing The Right Horse

There are some categories of writing that are very specialized. To be able to make these articles authentic and authoritative on a subject you need a writer with real experience. One such category is writing about horses. There is nothing worse that reading an article about anything equine that is written by someone that has never worked with, on or around a horse. Their writing and phrasing will quickly give them away. If you are part of the horsey crowd you want to get information from a reliable source. This means someone that has mucked out a stall, spent hours

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Dec 162011
Don't Let Your Website Go To The Dogs - Dog Writing

Staying on top of the trends in dog training, grooming, medical care and ownership is a passion for the writers at Exquisitewriting.com. Not only are the specialized dog writers experienced in showing, grooming, medical care and breeding of dogs they are also dog owners, able to customize and personalize information in a way that highlights the wonderful experience that owning a dog can bring.

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Oct 282011
Legal Blogging is best left to specialists

Blogging about legal matters can be (and is) a tricky proposition, for a multitude of different reasons. In the first instance, it can be difficult achieving a suitable balance between the necessary degree of sophistication for a particular area of law, and ensuring that the language used within the blog is user-friendly.

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Oct 042011
The Ghostwriter As A Lateral Thinker

A skilled writer will usually possess a plethora of skills, yet one of the more fundamental is their ability to think laterally. It is a skill that particularly proves its worth when given a piece with an overall aim, but with no direct way to achieve that aim.

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