May 082012

Writing bad blogs hurts your traffic. Blogs are your main attraction to your website. If you don’t have posts that stick to your visitors, you won’t have them coming back for more.

Find out if you are making the three biggest mistakes in writing a blog and how to fix them if you are…

Blogging Mistakes #1: Not Writing to Audience’s Needs

Do you know who your audience is and do you know what they want? Identifying these two factors will help you write better blogs.

Web users want to find content that addresses their needs and wants. If they come to your website and don’t find what they need, they are less likely to return.

However, if you are able to give each one of your visitors the information they are looking for you are much more likely to see visitors bounce back.

Blogging Mistakes #2: Fail to Entertain and Intrigue Readers

Web users not only want information, but they want it in a way that entertains them. You want your web visitors to read your posts all the way through. That means you need to engage them not only in the beginning but throughout your post.

How to do it…

You can do this by telling them what they want to know right in the beginning of the post. Don’t build up to the answer they are looking for because they won’t spend the time to read it and click the back button before they even find it.

Instead, give them what they want right in the beginning, but then give them something more that they MUST know. Intrigue them so they want to keep reading. Tell them that there’s more to what they just found out than what they thought.

Blogging Mistakes #3: Not Inviting Readers to Create Community

Blogs are community based. It’s for like-minded people to come together to learn from the posts and each other. The comments in your blog posts can sometimes be more important than the posts themselves. People often come back to see what others have said in the comments they contributed to, especially if it’s an interesting debate. When people come back to your site, they often begin to notice other topics, services and products you offer.

How to create community…

You can create community simply by inviting your readers to share their input. Ask questions that spark a debate. Ask for advice or for feedback. People love to speak their minds and giving them an invitation to do it will tempt them to open up.

When Writing a Blog Takes Too Much Time

Running a website, managing web content and writing a blog can be time consuming and overwhelming. If you’re having a difficult time engaging your readers and facilitating the community you need on your website to increase conversion rates, consider hiring bloggers.

Web content companies, such as, has a team of bloggers who understand how to write attractive blogs that bring people together. That way, you can focus on managing the customers, as your blog brings them in.

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  1. Great blog but you’re making Mistake #3 – I’d like to easily share this content with Linda but there’s no Share button on the page!

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