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There are some categories of writing that are very specialized. To be able to make these articles authentic and authoritative on a subject you need a writer with real experience. One such category is writing about horses. There is nothing worse that reading an article about anything equine that is written by someone that has never worked with, on or around a horse. Their writing and phrasing will quickly give them away.

If you are part of the horsey crowd you want to get information from a reliable source. This means someone that has mucked out a stall, spent hours grooming horses and cleaning tack and someone that truly knows what it means to work with a horse. You just can’t fake that appreciation for these magnificent animals; it comes from being there and doing that.

Some key tells that will let you know if a writer is a true horseman or horsewoman or someone regurgitating information gleaned from books, magazines or the internet include:

  • Confusing conformation and confirmation
  • Referring to the horse as an “it”
  • Talking as if all horses of a breed have the same temperament
  • Crediting the rider with all the smarts in the team
  • Failing to understand that horsemanship can’t be developed in the library
  • Indicating that just following routine training will solve all problems
Exquisite Equine Writing

The writers that specialize in equine articles at Exquisite Writing are all avid horse owners, breeders, riders and trainers. Since we select our writing team to cover areas of interest and experience you will never have to worry about the authenticity of the writer’s relationship to the subject matter. Our equine writing specialists are writers that specialize in the horse industry and they can provide informative and accurate information on everything from tack through to training, medical treatments through to choosing a horse. This is something you won’t find with other writing teams and something that we know is a sure winner!

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