May 022012

Content is king! Search engines love it and so do web users.

Don’t risk conversion rates with subpar web content. Manage the content on your site, to propel your online business into success.


What Content Do You Have?

To manage your web content, you need to know what you have on your site. Make a list of all the articles you currently have and if any of them need updating.

The worst thing you can do is have content that’s outdated. People will think you are unreliable if you let go of your website’s content.

Fill In the Gaps with More Content

Once you know what you have, it’s time to find out what you need to add. Put yourself in your visitors’ shoes and ask yourself what more they would like from your website. Start to jot down those ideas.

You can also do keyword searching to find web content ideas. Search for keywords that web users would use when interested in the products or services you offer. Use the search results page as your guide to the content you should include on your site.

Organize Your Articles with Categories

Web users want to find information easily online. Categorize your articles so visitors can find information they need quickly.

If you end up with too many categories, try to combine categories so you don’t have too many for visitors to sift through.

Keep a Steady Flow of Content

You want your website to be the go-to source for your customers. For this reason, you need to update your website daily or at least a few times a week. The best way to do this is to add fresh content.

If you don’t have the time to write the number of articles you need to keep your visitors coming back for more, you may want to consider hiring writers.  This way, all you have to do is come up with a list of topics you want them to write on and upload the content whenever you receive the articles.

Using a Content Company for Articles

If you find it difficult to keep up with the content needs of your site, and don’t want to rely on one writer or bother with hiring writers, a content company can be your solution.

Content companies, such as, has a team of quality writers who know how to write content that web users and search engines love. Since there’s more than one writer, you can have as many articles as you need in the time you would like to have them in.

Don’t allow your website to die out and lose the traffic you need for online business success. Manage your web content so you provide your visitors the information, services or products they need and want.

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