Jayson Zhang – Copywriting Testimonial


As expert copywriters, we work hard to meet the needs of our customers and appreciate when clients send in a testimonial. Here’s a positive copywriting testimonial:

Hi Julie-Ann!
Here’s a testimonial that I truly mean:

I was a little skeptical going with a copywriter for the very first time, especially since I’m a perfectionist I was afraid I was going to be left high and dry if I ask for too many revisions.
In truth, before I sent my copy to Julie-Ann and her wonderful team, I felt that it served the message that I wanted my readers to see.
After just a single revision and very minute add-on requests (that Julie-Ann granted without any fuss) I was really blown away. Let’s put it this way, the copy was still me…but with major plastic surgery. I looked really, really beautiful.
I’m definitely going to be coming back for all my copywriting needs.

Many thanks and cheers to you and your wonderful staff,
Jayson Zhang

p.s. I will personally serve as your reference. So give my email out on your discretion.

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