Better Spread Betting

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Better Spread Betting

Looking for some useful information on spread betting? If so, read Better Spread Betting by private trader and now author Tony Loton. This book provides you with 145 pages of practical and easy-to-understand information. According to the author, this book is a “brand new no-nonsense yet comprehensive book about financial spread betting.”

Does it deliver? It does. Although no expert, Loton does know his way around what for many could be financial suicide. He explains simply and logically basic information financial spread betting, timescales and trading styles. He guides you through the process of opening an account and placing bets. He provides information on how to recognize trading prospects. In addition, he includes chapters directed at specific aspects, including various tools and tricks you need to know to operate successfully in spread betting.

The author employs a systematic approach to accomplish this. The book proceeds in a logical fashion, dispensing well-based advice as it goes along. While it would be more beneficial to have an overview of specific charts, in fact, some would argue this to be essential, the author does cover most of the topic thoroughly. The section on risks is fascinating. The conclusion with its information on tips by experts is a great addition. This provides a fitting end to a book replete with useful and comprehensive material.

Like the author, I cannot claim to be an expert. I know my way around this field, but this book helped me to understand it more. At the same time, it is not strictly for experts. It addresses any issues of the beginner satisfactorily in comprehensible terms and using understandable language.