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Here at Exquisite Writing,we have a skilled team of professional writers. If you’d like to research how to make a living as a writer, consider checking out these resources.

How To Get Published Free and Make Money

by David Rising
There is a trick to getting your book in the public’s hands without any money out of your pocket and in a much more reasonable amount of time – like six weeks. This book will guide you through the process. With experience that only they can share, this book gives examples experienced through their publishing agency. No one is more capable of giving solid advice that works.  Writing requires no degree, no specific education, you won’t have to take a course or listen to multiple boring lectures by any professor. Writing comes from within one’s soul. This book recognizes that there is a story or book inside of everyone and helps you figure out how to spill out that story and put it on paper.  As is pointed out by the author of this book, many high school drop outs have published really good best selling books. No matter what your background, with the right editorial support, anyone can write a book.
The Well-Fed Writer: Financial Self-Sufficiency As a Freelance Writer in Six Months or Less
by Peter Bowerman
Peter Bowman, a truly talented prolific writer with lots of Fortune 500 experience turns your dreams into a foreseeable reality. Having written for the Discovery Channel, Coca-Cola and BellSouth, Mr. Bowman comes from a well-experienced point of view.  His book, full of tips, hints and techniques for turning pro and making it work without starving in the process.  If you plan on being well paid, not overworked and a happy person doing what you have always dreamed of, this is the book for you.  You must get this essential work if you are planning on going solo!

The Freelance Success Book : Insider Secrets for Selling Every Word You Write (Write It, Sell It)

by David Taylor
This author, a former executive magazine editor, gives us the gift of his experience in how it is you go about getting in the door and even staying for dinner. Directional studies in making your writing user friendly, creating quality work, submitting query letters and finding an editor are covered in this book – everything from writing skills to the business of being a writer. Breaking in doesn’t require a great expense, just a bit of know-how. The Freelance Success Book gives you just the know-how you need to get where you want to be in an easy to read, easy to dissect format. Get out your highlighter! Regardless of your target market, whether magazines, novels or Internet, you will find tips, hints and techniques for making your writing career more successful and even better – more financially secure. Also, this guide details what your rights are as a writer. Just because you gave up the backing of a Fortune 500 company, doesn’t mean you give up your rights altogether. Know what they are!

2005 Guide to Literary Agents (Guide to Literary Agents)

Anyone who is serious about becoming a freelance writer will want to get this book each time it becomes available to stay on top of their game. Knowing the ins and outs of the business is exactly what makes a good writer a well-paid writer. If you want to make the kind of money that you have dreamed is available to stay on top of the game by making sure you have an idea who is out there interested in your work. Persistence on the part of the writer is the main key to becoming well paid. Don’t put yourself in the hands of a literary agent who is not This guide will provide you with more than 600 literary agents, members of
The Writers Guild and Association of Authors’ Representatives, who can guide you to the publicists, production companies and magazines paying for freelance work.

Comedy Writing Step by Step

The author of this comedy writing guide, Gene Perret, is most famous for having been the head comedy writer for Bob Hope. His book gives the potential comedy writer the information and knowledge required to succeed as a writer from both the aspect of the craft and as a career. He provides many ideas on how to get your work into the hands of those most likely to buy the work. Along with how to sell your work, all aspects of the comedy writing business are included like why it is we laugh at a particular joke, how to break down comedy in a step by step manner, where to get inspiration (without getting in trouble) and techniques to find material. This book is an entire comedy writing class without having to sit through the class itself!

The Elements of Copywriting: The Essential Guide to Creating Copy That Gets the Results You Want
by Gary Blake, Robert W. Bly

This is a guide for freelance writers who create ads, brochures and other copy intended to sell, persuade or otherwise convince someone to do something they havenít, as of yet, considered. Regardless of what you have created in the past, you will find advice, tips and guidelines in this book that will improve your copy and get you the contracts that you really deserve. Covering copy guidelines for print ads, direct mail, brochures, catalogs, press releases, email and just about every other communication in written form, this is a must have for the freelancer and anyone else in the business. You will at some time in your career be asked to create some of these print items, even if only for your own benefit such as in the promotion of a book. Get the results you want and have advertisers banging down your door for more of the same with this guide.

Make a Real Living as a Freelance Writer: How to Win Top Writing Assignments

by Jenna Glatzer

If you are just starting our, or looking to enhance or increase your income, this guide gives invaluable tips on how to make freelancing work for you. Some of this guide may be a bit redundant for the experienced, professional freelancer but fear not, this guide offers a great deal of advice and tips for even the most experienced writers. If you are relatively new to the game, you will find every page helpful. Donít get caught in an embarrassing situation and not have your basic vocabulary down, check out the section on basic terms so that you know the difference between query clips and source sheets. More experienced writers can skip right over the basics and get on to the advice on how to find the highest paying magazines and even those magazines that arenít swamped with queries from other freelancers looking to get into the business. Here is another must know – pitching a syndicated column. Turn your good ideas into a regular paycheck.

Net Words: Creating High-Impact Online Copy

by Nick Usborne, Nick Usborne

Harness the power of the written word as it pertains to the Internet and the electronic revolution. Learn how to influence people through the written word on web pages instead of technology heavy, graphic overloaded sites that rather bore the customer instead of creating the excitement one would expect of such high level technology. Nick Usborne, author and $$$$$, has studied how the web and the Internet’s influence has effected sales and customer interest. He shares these details in his book, “Net Words” to help both the writer and sales force understand the general publics’ needs. Taylor your website, or write for a website in a manor that attracts customers and keeps them on your page instead of the very common bouncing from page to page without staying
in any one place long enough to fully absorb what is offered. Allow your customers to stay on your website by offering them a reason not to surf on past what you have. By not making your page too simple or too technical, by employing a few customer-relations techniques and learning a bit about your customer base you will be able to create a low-tech web page that is easy to manage, easy to update and will dramatically increase your sales.

Pen on Fire : A Busy Woman's Guide to Igniting the Writer Within

by Barbara DeMarco-Barrett

This book, written with the woman writer in mind, inspires, frees and encourages women of all backgrounds to leave behind the fear of writing and go for the gusto. The free lance world, in the past, was rather limited for women and it scared and scares even today many women away. However, this author recognizes the value of women in the free lance world and the value of the free lance world to women and shares that with the reader. Women have a special point of view to offer and free lance work frees up a busy woman to proceed with her life and have the wonderful, fulfilling, valuable advantage of freelancing. If you wish you had what it takes to take off as a writer and let the world hear your voice, find the inspiration, information and even the time in this book. DeMarco-Barrett shows even the busiest of women how they can spend just a few minutes a day in the beginning to jump-start their careers as writers. If you believe you have
something to say, don’t hold back, give yourself and the world a chance!

Teach Yourself Copywriting

by J. Jonathan Gabay, J. Jonathan Gabay

If copy writing has been your dream and you have decided that now is the perfect time to jump in, pick up a copy of this book to give you just the jumpstart and encouragement you will need. Along with a listing of locations, businesses and contact information, you will get everything else you need to become a successful copywriter. The author, Jonathon Gabay, leaves no stone unturned in his pursuit to provide the copy writer a solid
guide with up to date information. Whether you will be writer for the web, businesses, personal or charities you will find clarification on exactly how you go about treating each special topic. Mediums as well are thoroughly covered. If you plan on writing a book instead of Internet media, fear not, it as well is covered in this book. In addition to mediums and styles, there are a series or exercises designed to get the reader to practice his new skill. Quick tips and summaries are provided for the more experienced reader who wishes to skip over certain sections.

Writing Copy for Dummies
by Jonathan Kranz

Whether for business memos, for pleasure or as a career writer, Writing Copy for Dummies is a must read. The essentials and the crucial are covered in a straightforward, easy to read manner. If you need to start from the beginning or if you just need a refresher, this is the first place you should start. Very often we don’t value our work as much as we should. This dampens our value in general and causes us to not ask for what we are worth. After
reading this book, you may find that you value your work differently and will market yourself in a new, more profitable way. The general conversational tone of the book makes reading and learning much less of a chore and much more of a pleasure read. After the initial read, you will want to keep this book close by to use as a reference guide.