Poetry and Lyrics

How to Write a Hit Song : The Complete Guide to Writing and Marketing Chart-Topping Lyrics and Music
by Molly-Ann Leikin

How about this for a hit song exercise: try starting a song by writing down 50 questions about the topic you wish to write about. Developing lyrics from those questions will be much easier. Simple exercises are suggested throughout this guide to hit song writing. If you have an idea but donít know how to get it on the air, this book will take even the newest novice from idea to on the air including the writing process, both lyrics and melody, song structure, finding publishers and even recording. Donít miss out on this fabulous guide to getting your voice heard.

The Poet's Companion: A Guide to the Pleasures of Writing Poetry
by Kim Addonizio, Dorianne Laux

Regardless of whether you are a writer by trade or you write for your own enjoyment, this book will help you better form your poetry. The authors encourage individualism and discourage cliches by providing many ideas and options for poetry writing rather than presenting you with one format and allowing the student to assume there is no other way. The challenging, thought provoking exercises provided in the text primarily come from a workshop offered by the authors. They are tried and proven exercises that have helped many a poet before you. Nothing is left out of this guide including sections on where to get inspiration, how to overcome the dreaded writer’s block, electronic resources and marketing tips.

Poetry Matters: Writing a Poem from the Inside Out
by Ralph Fletcher

An honest expression of the heart and soul – poetry, complex and simple, is addressed in this guide in a light not often reflected by authors. Many authors of poetry require your attention to certain scripted details in elements of writing. This author gives the reader and in this case, learner, the ability to follow his own heart and
listen to his own soul. Young writers are full of heart and soul. Often adult teachers of writing and poetry squash all that heart and soul with their rules and regulations. This guide encourages young writers to feel the power within and doesn’t box them in too tightly with lots of rules and regulations. This book doesn’t make the young poetry writer analyze his own work only feel the power of writing and the potential within. Poetry, described as “emotional x-rays” is a necessary part of the growing process. This guide makes the necessary both interesting and helpful to the young wrier who may be a bit timid about putting his heart on paper.

Songwriting: Essential Guide to Lyric Form and Structure : Tools and Techniques for Writing Better Lyrics (Songwriting Guides)

Songwriting is more than writing, more than poetry and songwriting is both of those plus making those words flow with passion and melody. This book gets you started on the right foot with lyrical structure and exercises to reinforce what is taught. Pat Pattison guides you through the essentials of songwriting including: structure, timing and placement. She helps you avoid those tired, overused and abused cliches and idioms. She also teaches about the real impact of a song and how to get the most from its impact. If you believe you have the next Top 10 Hit, be sure to get this guide to smooth off the edges.

How to Write Songs on Guitar: A Guitar-Playing and Songwriting Course
by Rikky Rooksby

When someone decides to put their feelings to music they generally start with songs on the guitar. Many great artists and famous songs never move away from the special sound of the acoustic guitar. Not only will this book give you the foundation you need for writing songs, it teachers you to p lay the guitar at the same time. You will learn
techniques used in beginning guitar playing as well as how to construct a song from the lyrics to the music. Included in the book are over 1400 popular song references so you can relate to what is taught using songs you are familiar with. If your loved one has a special day coming up – wedding, birthday, birth of a child or maybe just a regular day, like Tuesday, there is no better gift you can give than a song written especially for them.

Writing Poems, Sixth Edition
by Michelle Boisseau, Robert Wallace

Poetry is often looked at as the author’s deepest feelings poured onto paper. In many aspects, this can be true, however we canít leave out the technical side of writing poetry. Simply having the capability of putting your deepest feelings on paper doesn’t utomatically make you a poet. Learn what those technical aspects are such as lineation, imagery and other fundamental basics. One refreshing aspect of this poetry writing guide is the lack of staunchy old poems from centuries ago. You will find that most of the poetry used as examples throughout the book have been writing within the last 20 years. Used as a textbook in a class or as a stand alone, you will find this book to be a clear and very helpful addition to your writing library.