Proposals and Getting Published

Agents, Editors and You: The Insider's Guide to Getting Your Book Published (Writers Market Library)

Are you a freelance writer who knows there is money out there to be had but canít quite figure out how to gain access to the moneybags? This book can put you in touch with the people in the know, the editors and agents who can make it happen for you. If you truly believe in your work, this is your chance to make it happen. Pick up a copy of this book, a comprehensive guide to editors and agents and make it happen! Twenty chapters in this book give you first hand information on how to go about preparing your work to be published including submitting your manuscripts and selling your writings. Also covered – what to do when a book offer is made, what the current trends in the industry are and where aspiring
authors are publishing now. Get in the know with Agents, Editors and You.

Complete Idiot's Guide to Publishing Magazine Articles
by Sheree Bykofsky, Jennifer Basye Sander

Have you decided to follow your dream and become a writer but now you are left wondering exactly how to go about doing it? This book will guide you through the initial stages of figuring out who hires writers, how they get the work, what editors expect of their writers, what freelancers do, and how the Internet can help launch your writing career.This guide covers it all from start to finish.
Generating ideas, clips, queries, assignments, article writing, research, taxes, even getting paid (or not) is covered in this generously information rich book. If you are even thinking of writing for magazines, this one is a must.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Publishing Children's Books, Second Edition
by Harold D. Underdown

This is a real tell it like it is kind of guide to writing children’s books successfully. The author covers it all in various genres, how to write with kids in mind but in a manner that parents will be drawn to as well, the basics of writing, publishing and selling and tips on the publishing process. This book even addresses illustrators and their role in writing children’s books. Various cut-ins such as resources, warnings and cautions and even real life anecdotes offer a special insight into writing for children.
Regardless of whether you are a polished writer or a novice, this book will offer you a new way to look at writing and publishing children’s books.

How To Be Your Own Literary Agent : An Insider's Guide to Getting Your Book Published
by Richard Curtis

For the last 30 years, Richard Curtis has been a top literary agent giving advice to writers. This guide gives you the 30 years of advice Curtis has collected and teaches you everything you need to know to successfully become your own agent. A good deal of the advice is very candid and won’t be found in any other writing guide. Learn what the new revelation; The Internet, means to you as a writer, learn how to stay on top of your game with agents and publishers, and learn what your rights are. If you want to have a say in your work, be sure to check out the information on how to have a say in your book design. This guide provides far more information and value than the cost of the book.

How to Write a Children's Book and Get It Published
by Barbara Seuling

With more than 60 childrenís books and 20 years experience writing for children, Barbara Seuling has the maturity to dispense her wisdom and advice. This particular book, not a children’s book per se, but a book about how to write for children, is a spectacular example of her experience in this genre of writing. She covers absolutely every aspect of writing children’s books, both technical and the knowledge gained from experience.Last year the author completely revised this book adding the additional technical information that the new century brought along with it including researching on the Internet. She included information on various writing groups, how to market what you write and even a recommended reading list. If your goal is to write a book that touches the lives and imaginations of children, this book is the first place you should start.

Write the Perfect Book Proposal: 10 That Sold and Why, 2nd Edition
by Jeff Herman, Deborah Levine Herman

Book proposals seem to include the million-dollar question: how do I get someone to buy mine? The author of this book, Jeff Herman, started his multi-million dollar
literary agency when he was just 26! Now many years later he is doling out his years of experience for inspiring writers in this guide that picks apart 10 book proposals and dissects the reasons why they were successful instead of other proposals. He goes over what stands apart and how to make yours stand apart and how to position your book to be the best it can be. He also goes over the strengths and weaknesses commonly seen in book proposals so you can avoid obvious weaknesses. Move to the top of the pile the Jeff Herman way!

Nonfiction Book Proposals Anybody Can Write: How to Get a Contract and Advance Before Writing Your Book
by Elizabeth Lyon

Are you the type of writer that would rather do things out of order, or rather, get an advance then do the writing? Most of us are! If that brilliant idea for a book is waiting deep in our thoughts, perhaps even sketched out on bits of paper waiting to be crafted into the next great American novel then this book is your light. If you just need a bit of direction to figure out how to make it through all the red tape of getting this show on the road or whether you need to know the whole story, you will find the information in this helpful and necessary. Newly professional writers will find this book particularly helpful because it gives the reader the information left out in basic high school and college
level English classes.

The Sell Your Novel Tool kit
by Elizabeth Lyon

Have you spent years developing, planning, dreaming about, creating and writing your perfect novel? Did it start with just a spark many years ago and now you have run into a dead end before getting it published? Learn to think about publishing and selling your novel in a different, more effective way. The hardest part is already over with the years of struggling with plot planning, dialogue and struggling to finish your novel. Publishers are becoming a dying breed. During the best and most economically stable years, many smaller publishers opened their doors, only to find out that when the economy wasn’t as good, they simply couldn’t make it and folded. Now that the older larger publishers are the remaining staples in the publishing world, writers have to re-design their novels
and presentation to meet the needs of the larger publishers. The author of this book, Elizabeth Lyons, knows well how to do just that and gives the reader the information, skills and exercises he will need to perfect a style that will get the attention for their book that is needed to get into print.

The Successful Writer's Guide to Publishing Magazine Articles (The Successful Writer's Guides Series)
by Eva, Ph.D. Shaw

The world of writing magazine articles s very different from any other genre. If you dream of seeing your by-line in major national magazines the way to succeed is within the covers of this informational guide. Whether you are looking for a fulfilling part time hobby or a full time career, magazine writing can enhance your life and lifestyle in an exciting manner. This book has the feeling of a good and professional friend sitting down with you over a cup of coffee and dispensing her years of experience. You will get both the basic structure and “how to” information along with tons of tips, hi ts and experienced advice.
Eva Shaw’s unique Bubble Method of brainstorming is well worth buying the book to learn. If you use nothing more than this one technique found in the book, it will have been well worth whatever you paid! Get the book and the Bubble.

Teach Yourself Travel Writing
by Cynthia Dial

If traveling and writing are you two passions, then becoming a travel writer makes perfect sense for you. Getting paid to do what you love is everyone’s dream! Writing a proposal and getting the contract are the most important first steps you need to accomplish to get started. This book can guide you through those first difficult steps all the way through to advice on editing your work once it is completed. In this book, you will find ideas on how to come up with great stories and how to get them on paper and then how to get paid for those stories. You will find no better way to finance a passion such as traveling than to become a travel writer.

The Online Copywriter's Handbook : Everything You Need to Know to Write Electronic Copy That Sells
by Robert W. Bly

With the creation of the Internet comes a whole new set of rules and an entirely new market. Figure out those new rules without having to learn them the hard way through trial and error. This guide will show you the dramatic differences between hard copy and Internet copy, help you figure out how to best market yourself and various other unique possibilities offered exclusively by the web. If you are a beginner in the freelance, Internet writing realm, you will find all of the information you could possibly dream of in this guide. All of the various Internet possibilities such as e-zines, banner ads, websites, home pages, Internet direct mail, etc are covered. In addition,
plenty of new, updated information is added for those of you already old hands at web scene.

Write the Perfect Book Proposal: 10 That Sold and Why, 2nd Edition
by Jeff Herman, Deborah Levine Herman

When you get an idea in your head and it just wonít go away until you pay some attention to it, then you are just the person who needs this book. From the beginning of the idea, through the writing, editing, submitting to a literary agent, and finally into the hands of the publisher, this book will get you there. Regardless of whether you need to write a query letter, sample chapter, your biography or whatever detail that looms in front of you, this guide will give you exactly what you need with examples and clear explanations. Make your books stand apart from the others and get the recognition you dream of the first time around. Skip over the pain of rejection and go straight to publication!

Writer's Digest Handbook Of Magazine Article Writing

A wide variety of information is shared in this collection of essays by the most successful freelance writers of our time including Robert Bly, Linda Formichelli and Jenna Glatzer. Essays including information about getting published, knowing your rights on the Internet, copy writing, and creating an article for magazine publication are covered in this must have guide for anyone considering the freelance route. Knowing what your rights are when expressing yourself on the worldwide media, the Internet, is an important topic covered here but rarely covered in other publications. Because any one country or entity does not govern the Internet, many writers assume they have no rights and there are no rules to follow when considering copy writing and the rules of general etiquette on the web. NOT true! learn what your rights are, how to protect them and how to follow the appropriate rules in this guide to freelance writing.