Jul 202012

You don’t ask for too much. You just need freelance writers writer who will provide you with excellent online content in the form of articles or blog posts. They must use correct grammar and accurate, consistent spelling. Finally, you need them to provide the work on time. They need to be reliable if you are going to pay for a service, just as you would expect your plumber or electrician to turn up for work at the time you agreed. So what are the secrets of finding writers who can match your requirements?

freelance writersThe first secret is setting the right budget

It is easy to search the internet to find the prevailing rates available to buy writers for hire. The difficult part is in understanding what rate to pay.

Quite quickly you will find people offering to write for you at rates you wouldn’t have thought were possible; so low you wouldn’t have thought anyone could live on those amounts. However, when you look only at the rate of pay, you must look at the location of some of those individuals.

They might live on the other side of the world and are able to live on US$100 a month, but you run the risk of English, or the language you need for your articles, not being their first natural language. If you employ someone to write for you for the price of less than you would pay for a coffee, their work may not (there are always exceptions to any rule) come up to the standards you require.

Their example works will look great because they have arranged to have their worked checked by an appropriate person, but their day to day work will be full of grammar and spelling mistakes – despite everyone using Microsoft Word spell checker!

The second secret is found in the testimonials

Everyone can say they will write well, with correct grammar and spelling. No doubt all freelance writers say they will deliver the work on time, or before. You won’t want to find out this isn’t true when the work arrives in your inbox.

Check testimonials carefully. Consider sending an email direct to the person who provided the testimonial to check the potential standard of work before you commission articles or blog posts.

Obviously no-one is going to offer a poor testimonial, but by spending a little time and effort, you can save yourself hours in the long term when you might need to hire another writer to complete the work if your first choice fails the test.

The third secret is in knowing what best suits your organisation

Simply, it costs too much to maintain employees to write content for you unless you intend to update your magazine or blog by 8-12 articles a day. There isn’t only the outlay of advertising and hiring those employees, but tax and insurance and other likely long term costs like pensions and healthcare. What if they get sick? You will have to pay them and get someone else in to take over their work. No wonder so many people outsource this type of work.

If you remain unsure about where to look for freelance writers, use forums to find writers from comments by people you trust. Word of mouth always remains high on anyone’s list.  Or just contact us!

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