Kindle Proofreading and Editing Services


Indie authors, or self-published authors, are coming out in droves. The race to the top of the Amazon Kindle list is on, are you ready to win?

Before you upload your book to Kindle, you need to do one important thing.

Have it proofread! Why?

There are many reasons why you should, but here the top five.

Kindle Proofreader (c)

#1: Readers Care about Readability

The book may sound perfect to you but you are the one who wrote it. It’s hard to step out of the writing mode and into the reader one for your own books.

Allowing a professional, experienced Kindle proofreader read it means you’ll have someone who knows what to look for when checking for readability.

She will make sure your book flows and is consistent all the way through. That way, you know your readers receive the experience you intended them to when you wrote it.

#2: Poor Grammar Decreases a Book’s Integrity

Writers are not always the best at grammar. If this sounds like you, Kindle proofreading is crucial. Many readers will downgrade the integrity of a book if it’s littered with grammatical errors and misspellings.

A professional Kindle proofreader knows the ins and outs of grammar. She will ensure your book is flawless so readers won’t judge it based on simple grammar mistakes.

 #3: Publishers are Reading

Big name publishers are looking out for promising indie authors. Don’t risk the chance of being represented by a famous publisher having your book not absolutely perfect just for the sake of the lack of Kindle proofreading.

#4: Share Your Book with Pride

Don’t be shamed by the mistakes and flow issues of your book when you announce to family and friends you have published a new book on Kindle. You want to be able to show it off and have everyone exclaim how great it is!

When you use a professional proofreader, you receive an editor just as proficient as the ones the big publishers use. This means you can expect your book will gain the recognition, which will fill you with pride and joy.

#5:  Make More Money

The better edited your book is, the more people will love it, the more people love it, the more people will recommend it and the more people will buy it.

There’s no better way to win the race to the top of the Amazon Kindle book list than to have a book people love. Ensure your book is the best it can be so that it attracts as many people as possible, so you can generate the sales you desire.

You’re future as an indie author lies in the perfection of your book. Have your book professionally proofread by a Kindle editor with today.  Our rates are very reasonable!