Writing Press Releases


Do You Always Announce Your New Products?

If you take a look around the internet today, you’ll see there are plenty of outstanding products being offered for sale by all kinds of people. The problem is that a lot of these people don’t promote them as heavily as they should.

One of the best ways to promote a new product is to write press releases about it. Good PR can make all the difference between good sales and fantastic sales so don’t be afraid to tell everyone about your new launch!

But while you could write one yourself, hiring a press release writer to put it together for you is often the better option. This is because good press releases are written to a specific format, and if you write it yourself and get it wrong you could well find your release goes straight into the wastepaper basket long before it has a chance to reach its desired audience.

The golden rule regarding press releases is that they need to have a news angle that is worth publishing. Thousands of releases are written every day and a lot of them are written by people who don’t understand the proper format and think that a quick article will do the job instead of writing an actual release. A Press Release Writer can help.

Some writers specialise in putting together good press releases for clients and a good press release writer will get you more publicity than you would have got if you had tried to write it yourself. Because the writer knows how to write them properly, they can get on with the task of making sure the facts are present and correct, and there is a good headline and sub-headline to get the attention of everyone who reads it.

In contrast, an inexperienced PR writer will often spend so much time trying to stick to the format that the content has a tendency to go astray!

Press releases should ideally be issued every time you have a new product, service or development within your business that is of interest. If you get an expert to do this for you, you’ll certainly benefit from the increased publicity you’ll get as a result.

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