Apr 272012

It can be difficult to hire a quality article writer. They all seem to be great at first, but when they start writing; they quickly seem to be less than qualified.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

If you find yourself spending more time on hiring a writer than on generating content for your websites, check out these tips on what to avoid when it comes to hiring an article writer.


Hire a Writer without Checking Samples

Just because someone has ten years of experience in writing, doesn’t mean he writes in the style you prefer. To save you time and money, check out the writer’s samples. If his published articles are the type of material you want for your website, you’ll likely have better success with him delivering the content you want.

Order Bulk the First Time

Asking a writer to write 100 articles without asking for a smaller amount to begin with is likely setting you up for disappointment and wasted expense.

You don’t know how skilled the writer is with the material you want him to write until you’ve seen what he can do. To be safe rather than sorry, ask for five articles to start. That way, you can be sure you’re pleased before ordering more.

Hire a Writer with the Lowest Rates

It’s tempting to hire the writer with the lowest rates, but in the world of freelance writing, rates equal quality. If you want articles you are proud to display on your website, pay for them.

While you don’t have to pay a fortune for good quality, you should be paying more than the lowest rate.

Hire Non-English Speaking Writers

Many countries have writers using programs to write articles or writing them in broken English. While this may be okay for websites looking to fill their website with low quality content, it’s not the way to increase traffic, and page rank of your site.

Be sure to ask where the writer lives and if the writer is able to speak English. If possible, ask to speak to the writer on the phone just to be sure he can speak English fluently.

Untrustworthy Writer Websites

Many websites exist that have hundreds of writers available to write content; however, many of these websites produce poor quality. While it can seem like a gold mine to find these sites, it won’t seem as valuable when you receive your order back with poorly written articles.

What to Do When Hiring a Writer

Due to many people having such a difficult time hiring writers, companies like ExquisiteWriting.com have gathered a team of proficient writers to produce quality web content. That means, no matter what you need, when you need it, you can be assured your order can be completed the way you want it in the time you need it.

When you choose to go with a writing company, you not only hire a writer, you hire a team of writers.