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When it comes to creating backlinks, you want your backlinking strategy to be as efficient as possible. Not only that, but you surely want your efforts to be as effective as possible. Well, there are some things you can do to stretch your content out and create as many backlinks as possible.

Keep in mind that it is best to use unique content whenever possible. For example, if you buy Private Label Rights make sure the content is rewritten before you start using it. The more unique you are, the better off you’ll be.

Backlinking with Article Directories

One of the top strategies for creating backlinks is to post unique articles to directories such as or The basic idea is that you create articles or have someone do it for you. Then, these articles get posted on the top article directories. For even better results, make sure that the content is optimized.

Backlinking with Free Blogs

Another great backlinking strategy is to create a series of free blogs on services like to give you some backlinks. The nice thing about blogs is that you can link to your site more than once because you can put the individual links into your posts. Just be sure not to overdo it or Google might start to penalize you.

Backlinking with Automatic Submissions

Some services, like Unique Article Wizard, are set up to submit to various article directories automatically. Each service has a different process, but they all require at least one article. Just follow the instructions related to the specific service. These are a great option because you can get a lot of links at once.

Backlinking with Free Sites Like Squidoo

Are you familiar with Squidoo and Hubpages? If not, why not hire someone who is? They don’t necessarily need to create the lens or hub for you. If you hire someone to write the content, you could always post it yourself. These sites offer yet more opportunities to post backlinks.

Most people agree that an effective strategy to get backlinks is with article marketing. And, the more backlinks you have the higher up in the search engines you will go. This translates to more website visitors and therefore more business.

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Dec 092011

Would you like to improve your search engine rankings? If so, then optimized articles are the way to go. A good website ranks well in the search engine for a variety of keywords related to your site. So, what do you need to do in order to get your articles to rank?

Use Keyword Optimized Articles for Search Engine Rankings

The number one strategy you can use is to post articles that have been optimized for each keyword you would like to target. In fact, you should have at least one article written for each each keyword that you would like.

Searching for Information Online

Think about how you search for information online. Perhaps you would like information on the latest iPad. So, you load up your favorite search engine and type in “iPad 2 Reviews.” The phrase that you entered is the keyword. In other words, this is the string of words that people use to gather information.

Be a Savvy Webmaster

The most successful website owners out there know that keywords are the backbone behind their website. They know that in order to get people to find their website, they need to take matters into their own hands. So, they obtain keyword optimized content articles to post on their site either that they wrote or outsourced. That way, they have control over the keywords the site will rank for. And, there really is no limit as to how many articles and keywords you need. In this case, quantity and quality matter.

Search Engine Rankings show SEO Success

If you have a website, consider posting articles that are optimized for all the important keywords you want to rank for. You can obtain these keywords by using your favorite keyword tool. Google has a good one – just search for “Google Keyword Tool” in order to obtain the URL and link.

Make it a goal to get at least ten articles up on your site as soon as possible. Over time, you can keep adding more. In fact, the more keywords and articles you have posted, the more successful your site will become. This is the number one way to improve your search engine rankings.

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Sep 212011

copywriting servicesOne thing has become clear since the Google Panda update. Professional copywriting is a must if you want your website to succeed. Quickly written articles no longer make the cut in the most widely used search engine. Carefully constructed articles filled with factual information are what’s popular and what will gain you visitors.

Take a moment to consider what you want from a website. Don’t think about your own site right now. When you are searching for information, you want a website that immediately meets your needs. When you find articles filled with fluff, awkward keywords or facts you feel you need to check, you’re not likely to return to the site.

If you find numerous grammatical errors, would you really trust the information provided? No. You would find a website that takes the time to make sure their content is well written. After all, if a site takes the extra time to write useful, well edited content, they must be providing content you’ll benefit from.

Content Quality and Copywriting Standards

If you find yourself affected by Google’s latest update, there is no reason to worry. In fact, consider this a chance to reinvent your website. The best news is you don’t have to do it alone. Carefully crafting professional copy  for your website takes time. For most site owners, this is time you don’t have to spare.

To fit a budget, many site owners write their own content or accept free content from friends, family and even strangers. Another solution is to pay for bulk cheap articles that are so similar they’re almost duplicates. The problem with these quick content answers is articles end up being low quality. You want your website to shine, not get lost in the last pages of search results.

The answer to all your problems is quite simple – professional copywriting and article writing. The name is exactly as it implies. All copy is written by professional writers. This includes writers who understand your topic and can write it from a well researched, expert perspective. Remember, facts are important. Copywriters take your desired keywords and topic and turn them into content sure to succeed with Google.

Professional copywriters understand all the changes Google has made. It is part of their job to know what search engines, and more importantly, what visitors want from content. This lets you save time by getting articles written correctly the first time.

You may be wondering if it is worth the money. With so many on tight budgets, hesitation is completely understandable. However, let’s look at what happens if you don’t use professional copywriting services.

Your site is likely to be pinged by Google Panda, hurting your page rank and ultimately decreasing traffic. Visitors who do find you are turned away by content that doesn’t quite provide what they need. Without visitors, your site cannot profit. If you’re selling products, no one will buy if they can’t find you. All the hard work and money you put into the site are wasted.

If you go with professional copywriting, everything changes. Your content fits all of Google Panda’s requirements. It is fresh, grammatically correct and contains just the right amount of keywords. Visitors love it and keep coming back for more. The result is an increase in visitors, equaling more potential profit for you.

Cost of Professional Copywriting Services

The cost of copywriting services more than pays for itself. The better your content, the higher your traffic and the better your profits will be. But don’t be discouraged over the content you’ve already placed on your site. Any problems can be easily fixed so it performs as well as newly written content.

Exquisite Writing provides rewrites as well as new content. After all, you’ve already created the idea, it just needs a little polishing. Your job is to maintain your website. Our job is to make certain your content is perfect.

We are not just any copywriting service. All writers are carefully selected based upon their writing experience. Any sub-par writers are not allowed. Only writers experienced in your site’s topic area will handle your content. The object is to create professional, factual articles. With writers in all subject areas, we can meet any need.

The only way to get back in Google’s good graces is with professional content. Commissioning copy is easy. You provide the details, we do the rest. We work side by side with you until you are satisfied with the content. Every article is a work of art and will be something your site can proudly showcase. And the best part is, no one ever has to know you didn’t create the content yourself. Contact us for a professional copywriting quote.