Jul 092012

In today’s modern world, seldom will you find an individual who does not have semi-proficient typing skills. In the face of this, it can seem that audio transcription is a skill set that just about anyone is capable of doing, the only dividing factor being time available and word per minute speed.

However, this is simply not true. Whilst for the accomplished, the process does, of course, entail a special infinity for the keyboard, there are certainly other skills required. For example, it would be wrong to underestimate the importance of a strong knowledge of the English language. Semantics particularly come into play when performing a task like this, as it forces you to process seemingly unstructured words and seamlessly encode them into a new definitive structure. Grammatical knowledge, strength of vocabulary and an ear that hones onto the intricate details of speech are all necessary components to providing good quality audio transcription.

This latter detail deserves particular attention. Often when relating to the ‘English language’, we fail to appreciate the wide range of sub-languages that encompass it. When it comes to audio transcription, the difficulties of this are evident in most writers’ inability to accommodate for regional differences. Accents are always a nuisance for those who do not have a strong awareness of all aspects of the English language – it requires someone with a regional expertise, who knows the special variations that an accent can bring.

Here at ExquisiteWriting, our writers take special pride in their ability to adapt tone, voice and accent. If you are searching for the right audio transcript service, you should be aware that budget outsourcing will usually equate to hiring writers who do not have regional expertise in your required language. It is a guaranteed truth that for high quality English script, you need English writers. Not only will they have lived with the language, but they will have studied it in the extensive detail that is necessary for their craft.

Go elsewhere and you may find that a foreign team, professing to provide professional audio transcription, does not meet the level of quality that you expect. Furthermore, such better quality writing can be sought by finding individuals who have expertise in the topic in question. This might appear surprising in audio transcription, but it is nevertheless true that through the use of acronyms, or indeed any type of short hand speech, meanings can become lost to those who do not understand the subject in enough detail. Note examples such as medical transcription – for this to be of a high enough quality, it is essential that the writer have a grounded knowledge in the subject, else accurate transcription will not be guaranteed.

It further illustrates the point that typing is not something that just anyone can do. In truth, the ability to provide top quality audio transcription remains a service only sustainable by a team of professional writers, whose expertise extends across a broad range of topics and knowledge of regional difference.