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Usually the two things are seen at either ends of a spectrum, creative writing and business. The former aiming to please the imagination, the latter to either inform, convince or present. However, it can be surprising how often the two become intertwined. This is not just an accidental occurrence, creative writing is at the heart of marketing, sales-pitches and the very process of attracting a potential customer.

Most forms of writing require a significant flare of creativity to meet their purpose

In a way it becomes a necessary component; most forms of writing require a significant flare of creativity to meet their purpose. It can help to sell an item by captivating the reader’s imagination, or it can help convey an informative point through creating a small fictional parable that the reader can imagine or even relate to (just as an example). In truth, its usefulness is endless and can be adapted to meet all types of needs and situations. A creative writer can help you not only change the quality of writing, but can imbue it and enhance its overall appeal. For anything to be successful, whether it be a business or a website, imagination is key.

Vision in all things stems from the imagination.

So why not start rejecting the usual, dogmatic positions of corporate writing, bid writing, or sales writing with an adaptable creative flare. You could be surprised the impact a little creativity has on anything, whether it just be to polish up a purpose written piece, or to create more entertaining pieces that retain an underlying, subtle intent. Have a point to make on your website? Don’t make it in the same way that other sites do, assert your difference by opting for a writer with a creative talent, who can take the normal and spruce it up to something that, whilst still meeting its purpose, boasts a higher level of quality and appeal.


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Dec 232011

One of the first things any marketing advisor will tell you is that you absolutely must have a press kit, (also known as a media kit or information pack).  Now – you may wonder why – and I wouldn’t blame you for that!

Although it’s trendy to talk about a media pack/press kit – this is rather misleading – because the purpose of an Information Pack is to give potential clients concise and easy-to-read information about your products or services.

If you expect to compete successfully you must emerge from the shadows and put your business firmly centre stage, so here are 7 Top Tips on how to use a cost-effective Information Pack to attract that elusive new business!

1.  Pro-Active way to generate new business

The targeted distribution of an Information Pack is a pro-active way to generate new business. Instead of waiting for clients to come to you – you can target your marketing very precisely and in a professional way that always impresses.

2.  Inspires confidence

A cheap flyer pushed through an office door flap is one thing, but a well-written press kit/media kit/Information Pack – delivered personally – is in a different class altogether and commands respect.  It shows you are a solid, well-established business and inspires confidence in your products or services.

3.  Increases opportunities for personal contact with potential clients

Furthermore, the opportunities for personal contact with potential clients are greatly increased by the simple act of delivering an information pack.  It gives you an excellent reason to call in on possible customers and tell them how your company can benefit them.

4.  Saves time for busy clients 

When managers don’t have time to see you personally, leaving a detailed Information Pack for them to read later is far more productive than just leaving a business card.  Once an Information Pack is placed on someone’s desk, it’s very difficult to resist the impulse to read it – if only out of curiosity!

Busy managers appreciate having all the details they need presented in one handy Information Pack. It saves them the inconvenience of having to phone and ask if you provide the services they need and then find themselves engaged in a long conversation.

5.  Greatly increase your chances of getting new business  

Imagine you attend a social occasion and someone shows an interest in your services – handing them a business card that will probably be lost or forgotten doesn’t make a lot of impact.  However, if you ask for a name and address and then send or call in with an Information Pack in the next day or two – your chances of getting new business are more than doubled!

6.  Information packs Inform and educate

Whatever products or services you provide; you can start a marketing campaign to deliver an Information Pack to every potential customer in your area.  Furthermore, introducing a completely new product or service is easy when you use an Information Pack. For example, an ergonomics consultancy could educate potential clients about the many ways that ergonomics can directly increase productivity.

7.  Cost-effective way to communicate directly with decision-makers

A professionally written Information Kit answers all the questions clients want to know in a quick and easy-to-read format.  An experienced business writer can get right to the heart of the unique benefits your company offers and communicate them persuasively to the reader.

A business information pack is an incredibly cost-effective investment in building up and maintaining a successful business.  You may find it difficult getting in to see the busy Managing Director of an important potential client – but your Information Pack won’t!

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