May 042012

You want to hire a writer, but you don’t know where to begin.

Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. Everyone wants web content, but no one wants to spend the time to writing it. Good thing there are web content writers!

The world of web writing is getting bigger by the day. There are so many different types of writers with various skills. Understanding what to look for in writers can help you find the web content creator you need.

Copywriters vs. Article Writers

There is a big discrepancy between copywriters and article writers. Many people believe that all copywriters are article writers, and all article writers are copywriters. This is simply not true.

Copywriters write copy. They write to sell a product or service. They have the talent of using words to persuade people to take a particular action.

Copywriters have skills to pull people from a place where they didn’t want to do something, to a place where they will do whatever they are asked to do.

Copywriting is an effective way to convert your web visitors to web customers, but how do you get the web visitors to come to your site?

This is where article writers come into play. I often think of article writers and copywriters working hand in hand to make sites attractive and successful.

Article writers produce content for your site. They write articles on topics your web visitors search for when they come online.

Most people will use a search engine when they use the Internet. When they type in a keyword phrase, sites will come up in the search results showing the web user which sites have information pertaining to the keyword phrase they typed in.

The more content you have on your website, the higher your chances your website will show up when a web user uses a search engine.

Once your site comes up for a particular keyword phrase because of the content you have, you will have them.

It’s like going fishing. The content is the bait you need to attract people to your website. The copywriting material you have on your site is the hook.

The more content you have on your site, the more bait you throw into the sea of the Internet, which means more people will find your business and more people will get hooked.

Copywriters and Article Writers Work Together for a Successful Online Business

Now that you know how to enhance your website to attract and convert your visitors to customers, you are probably wondering how you’ll find copywriters and article writers.

You have three choices. You can hire a copywriter and an article writer. You can try to find a copywriter, who also writes articles. Or you can use a web content company that has a team of copywriters and article writers, like

By ordering your content needs through a web content company, you cut out the time of trying to find quality copywriters and article writers. That means you have more time to manage the new customers you’ll receive from your new quality web content.

Mar 202012

Usually the two things are seen at either ends of a spectrum, creative writing and business. The former aiming to please the imagination, the latter to either inform, convince or present. However, it can be surprising how often the two become intertwined. This is not just an accidental occurrence, creative writing is at the heart of marketing, sales-pitches and the very process of attracting a potential customer.

Most forms of writing require a significant flare of creativity to meet their purpose

In a way it becomes a necessary component; most forms of writing require a significant flare of creativity to meet their purpose. It can help to sell an item by captivating the reader’s imagination, or it can help convey an informative point through creating a small fictional parable that the reader can imagine or even relate to (just as an example). In truth, its usefulness is endless and can be adapted to meet all types of needs and situations. A creative writer can help you not only change the quality of writing, but can imbue it and enhance its overall appeal. For anything to be successful, whether it be a business or a website, imagination is key.

Vision in all things stems from the imagination.

So why not start rejecting the usual, dogmatic positions of corporate writing, bid writing, or sales writing with an adaptable creative flare. You could be surprised the impact a little creativity has on anything, whether it just be to polish up a purpose written piece, or to create more entertaining pieces that retain an underlying, subtle intent. Have a point to make on your website? Don’t make it in the same way that other sites do, assert your difference by opting for a writer with a creative talent, who can take the normal and spruce it up to something that, whilst still meeting its purpose, boasts a higher level of quality and appeal.


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Mar 022012

The web is an instrumental tool in engaging each other on a global scale. It comes as no surprise, then, that in order for an individual, business or cooperation to be successful, it is essential they have a quality platform (i.e. a website) from which to grow, expand and flourish.

To reach this level of quality, one of the most valuable ingredients is professional grade website copy. Whilst an excellent website design may provide the viewer with a pleasing visual experience, it is only through concise, informed and astute website copy that a website gains the level of substance it requires to be successful. To put it another way, a website’s content becomes the anchor for which to sustain the reader’s attention.

Hiring an effective web designer is just one of two necessary requirements in creating a successful website, with the other being hiring professional services for website copywriting.

ExquisiteWriting deals with a wide range of clients from varying backgrounds, who wish to have their website content written for them. Whilst the nature of these websites may differ, the aims are always the same – to provide professional website content at a cost-efficient price. By these means, you need no longer worry about risking outsourcing your website copywriting needs to unreliable groups that fail to provide the quality you expect.

Professional Copywriters who Can Captivate Your Readers!

Writers who specialise in website copywriting will know how to captivate the reader. Whatever the website’s subject matter, a skilled copywriter will have a wide range of expertise from which to derive the suitable knowledge and authority needed to write website copy on your behalf.

The best part of such a writer, however, is that once given base requirements for the website copy, they will be able to work at a quick, self-sustained pace without the need of intervention from the client. In essence, it is only the topic and tone that they require, everything else emerges from their own knowledge, expertise and craft. Of course, they will also take into account all the essential specifics, namely the keywords that are vital for optimizing the website’s success.

The client is able to sit back and relax, in full knowledge that their content is being handled by a team of reliable professionals. If it is an on-going copywriting requirement, then the writer will be able to deliver your new content at whichever pace you choose – there is sure to be no point in which your content will not be provided in a timely and efficient manner.

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Dec 302011

No, this isn’t about some shaded mind control technique; sprung from a travelling merchant you’ve met in the street. This is to talk the basic principles of language, how it can affect your business success and its influence over potential customers. Writing, like any art form, is a craft that, once perfected, can have a profound influence on what people are thinking, and how they are thinking it.

Words Can Help You Win

A fine tuned sales pitch is one thing, an appealing product another, but language is the final decoration that wins over the customers mind. Beauty is in the craft, and it has an alluring nature that punctures both the conscious and subconscious mind alike. How does it do this? Well, simple. Take SEO copywriting for example, an embellished, yet definitive sales letter can grip the mind of the reader from the start. Customers expect a quality product, and where better place to start displaying that quality than in the sale of the item itself.

This will reassure the customer of their decision; words have a guiding effect that flows, forcing the reader to flow with them.  Without this striking element to the sale, not only does it risk not properly engaging the reader with all that the product has to offer, but ultimately it risks discouraging their interest.

It can seem farfetched to put it close to something like mind control. But its effects aren’t all that dissimilar. Writing is without doubt the most influential art form and, like a carefully crafted painting, when handled eloquently, appropriately and creatively it can capture the reader’s mind and the reader’s heart.

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