Mar 132012

When you find it difficult to get a personal meeting with a particular client, leaving a Corporate Summary or product Fact Sheet can often solve the problem for you.  It’s a great marketing tool that explains exactly what you have to offer in a clear and concise way that appeals to busy managers and executives.

Bring in new business

All press kits/media kits should contain a Corporate Summary and a Fact Sheet for each of your main product lines or services.  If you haven’t got around to compiling a full press kit yet,  at least prepare a Corporate Summary and a couple of Fact Sheets, because they’re not expensive to produce and can be a very effective marketing tool that will bring in plenty of new business.

Affordable and efficient marketing

One of the great advantages of a Corporate Summary is that it can be distributed very easily. Any small business can send a Corporate Summary and Fact Sheets by post and it’s an affordable and efficient way of bringing in new clients.  It’s also essential to include your Corporate Summary when sending press releases to a local newspaper.

Always leave your business summary with customers after you’ve introduced your company and product line.   And after you’ve sealed a deal on one product line, it’s always a good idea to leave a Fact Sheet behind with details of another product or service.  If you’ve already made a good impression capitalise on it – but without taking up too much of your client’s valuable time!

Quality sales writing

Remember, a Corporate Summary is not the same as a special offer ‘flyer’ cobbled together in 5 minutes and dashed off by your local printer.  It needs to be well-presented on glossy paper to reflect the quality of your produce or service.

Good quality sales writing is essential to impress your potential clients too, because good business writing conveys the message that your company is well-managed and run by intelligent, well-qualified people.  Above all, business/marketing writing needs to be well-focussed, so here are some tips about what you should include in your company’s Corporate Summary:

  • The month and year your company started
  • Executive or manager names and titles
  • Key milestones such as awards, certifications, and press coverage
  • Interesting facts about your company (from a potential client’s viewpoint)
  • Explain how your business is different and better than your competitors
  • List the benefits your business offers to clients very clearly
  • Contact information – business address, phone number and website
Be concise

A good Summary contains all of the above information on one page or one double-sided sheet.  Make sure the information is kept accurate and up-to-date too, because clients need to be able to rely on what you have written completely.

Don’t try to cram everything onto one sheet, if you have a range of products on offer, each type of product needs its own individual sheet.  A professional-looking Corporate Summary always makes a good impression on potential clients and allows you to contact hard-to-reach executives and vital decision-makers with ease!

An expert in business writing, marketing articles and sales copywriting, Julie-Ann Amos leads a team of talented and experienced writers at Exquisite Writing, producing first-class media/press kits, brochures, fully SEO optimised articles and web content to a wide range of clients in the U.K., U.S.A. and around the world.