Jul 132012

Helping your subscribers overcome the phenomenon of “information overload” is not only essential to help your subscribers to succeed, but also to mark yourself as an expert who genuinely cares about your subscribers.

One of the greatest advantages of the Internet is the ability to find information on virtually any topic imaginable.  One of the greatest disadvantages of the Internet is the ability to find information on virtually any topic imaginable.  How can it be both?

Well, it’s obvious that using the power of the Internet to find information on your selected topic is beneficial for you to gain knowledge when you need to learn something (such as how to treat a wound or lose weight safely), for market research on creating a new product for your subscribers (via niche research, etc.), and for learning how to create your own online business (learning business basics, HTML, copywriting, etc.)

Conversely, the Internet is so large and there are an almost infinite number of websites out there providing information of various quality on every imaginable topic.  This leads to the disadvantage of finding information on a topic but being unsure of whether that information is accurate, inaccurate, or outdated (i.e. was accurate, but is no longer accurate).

What is Information Overload?

The fact that there is so much information out there can often lead a person to experience “information overload.”  This is where there is so much information, good and bad, that a person can feel overwhelmed in trying to learn and implement it all.  This can happen in any topic, but it is often experienced by those who are trying to start and operate successful online businesses.  This is mostly due to the fact that the Internet Marketing field is so popular in terms of people wanting to enter the market and earn the vast amounts of riches many talk about that Internet Marketers will provide information of varying qualities in an attempt to satisfy the wants of their subscribers.

The Downside of Information Overload

The problem is that some of this information is repeated, some of this information is outdated, and some of it is inaccurate.  However, the buyer often does not know this until some time has passed, and often, only learns about this after he/she attempts to implement the methods described in the ebook, software program, or Webinar he/she purchased.  The results can vary between the methods being useful, ineffective, and even detrimental toward their businesses.

This information overload explosion has led many people to distrust the Internet Marketing field, making it harder for all Internet Marketers, both the reputable and disreputable type, to have their subscribers purchase any offers, and even for those subscribers to stay subscribed.  They don’t believe that the information presented by many Internet Marketers is new, useful, and different from what they already know.  This is why many people also become disillusioned over actually being able to create a successful online business, thus leading to them investing considerable money into creating one, failing to create it, then having to return to a 9-5 job.

How To Help Your Readers and Subscribers

This is why it is vital that you establish a meaningful relationship with your subscribers and show them that the information you provide is useful, new, and worth your subscribers’ time to obtain it and use it.  Doing this will convince your subscribers that you are different from the vast majority of Internet Marketers, making it more likely that they will trust you more, and thus, be willing to follow your recommendations and purchase your offers.  This is key if you want to emerge from the sea of Internet Marketers and really convince your subscribers that you are different, are here for the long haul, and that you genuinely care about their well-being by providing various solutions that directly address the problems and challenges your target market is facing.

You need to provide only information about products/services that you truly believe will help your subscribers.  Ideally, these should be products/services that you yourself have used in your business or at the very least have extensively tested; this way, you can be fully confident that you are only notifying your subscribers of the very best information and resources available so that your subscribers are not burned out from information overload and can actually succeed at creating successful online businesses of their own.

ExquisiteWriting.com knows the value of an Internet Marketer who only recommends quality products/services that can truly help his/her subscribers create their own successful online businesses.  Those Internet Marketers are extremely rare, as most are out to sell as many products from as many different product creators as possible, even if they’ve never tested and/or used the products they recommend or know that the products are substandard.  This is why it is important for Internet Marketers to emerge from this way of thinking and convince their subscribers that they are truly different and really want their subscribers to succeed in escaping the 9-5 rat race and being successful online.  The writers at ExquisiteWriting.com know how to convey this way of thinking to your subscribers successfully so that you are seen as a genuine expert who actually cares about his/her subscribers’ success and not just worried about how many product sales you make from your subscribers.

Jan 142012

The competition on Internet marketing is fierce.  Let’s face it – there are hundreds of new websites coming online each day, all ready to convince you that their offer or service is the one that you need to succeed online or to solve the problem you are facing, etc.If you are in that sea of competition, how are you going to differentiate yourself from that wave of a competitive market?

Differentiation: A Key to Internet Marketing Success

The key to differentiating yourself is to present yourself in a way where you are letting an interested prospect know about a product/service you offer, but not in a way where you appear to be “shady” or desperate to sell your product/service.   ou also can’t afford to overhype your product/service or appear as you are an overzealous salesman who is willing to say or do anything to sell your product/service.  This will not differentiate you from the masses, as too many Internet marketers do this nowadays.   This is why many of the masses are turned off by the notion of Internet marketing offers and the thoughts of opting into someone’s list – they fear that they’ll be swamped with offers that don’t apply to them every day.

 Quality Writing Services

That is why you need a quality writer who knows how to reach those masses in a way that will let them know that you actually care about them and their problems and that you actually have offers that can truly benefit them and solve their problems without “shoving it down their throats” and making it sound like “they must buy this or else.”

There is a fine balance between presenting an offer to an interested prospect in a way that will convince him/her that the offer is exactly what he/she is looking for and purchase it versus overhyping and overselling the offer to where it is blatantly obvious that the marketer just wants to make a sale and doesn’t really care about the prospect and his/her needs and problems.

A quality writer who knows how to present an offer so that an interested prospect trusts the marketer enough to be convinced that the marketer has the prospect’s best interests at heart and that the prospect should purchase the offer is extremely valuable in today’s competitive Internet marketing field.

A quality writer can be the difference between becoming a successful Internet marketer with a positive reputation and sustained profitability and just another Internet marketer who blends in with the masses and gains the negative reputation of promoting every offer that comes his/her way and making as many sales as possible with no regard to his/her list.

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Dec 272011

Do you want to succeed in internet marketing? First impressions are vital. The old saying goes,

“You only have one chance to make a good first impression.”

That is so true when talking about Internet marketing.  Let’s face it – you will likely not see the people you are communicating to face-to-face.  As a result, they can only see your written word on their computer screen – that’s all they have to go on to determine whether they can trust you as an expert and whether to purchase what you have to offer or not.

Due to this, it is of the utmost importance that you have everything displayed correctly the first time.  This includes all of the following:


  1. Spelling (what do you think a misspelled word says to a potential client?)
  2. Grammar (do you want poor grammar interfering with the meaning of your message?)
  3. Autoresponder (do you want a problem with technology to interfere with the meaning of your message?)
Autoresponder Success:

All of them are important, and I’ve seen instances where all three of the above are problems in many email messages.  Certainly, this does detract from your messages, leaving doubt in your prospect’s mind that you are the expert you claim to be when you can’t spell a simple word, construct a simple sentence, or get an autoresponder to display the message exactly as you want it displayed.

So many times have I seen messages that say the following:



I’m certain that this is not what your client is wanting to see when he/she opens his/her inbox.  Even a relative newcomer to online marketing knows that FIRSTNAME is a variable that is used to alert an autoresponder that it should place the first name of the person whose contact information was captured by the autoresponder.

The fact that FIRSTNAME appears in the message indicates to your prospect that you (or your worker) is not that versed with critical technology, which detracts from your standing as an expert in online marketing.

Therefore, having a writer who can construct sentences that make sense, that are spelled correctly, and that are displayed correctly via an autoresponder is a vital resource to ensuring that your marketing messages are coming across loud and clear to the prospect that you are an online marketing expert and that the prospect would be wise to learn from you and to do business with you.

By ensuring that your messages are saying what you want them to say is how quality online marketers will enhance both their reputations and profitability for the long-term.

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