Jan 142012

The competition on Internet marketing is fierce.  Let’s face it – there are hundreds of new websites coming online each day, all ready to convince you that their offer or service is the one that you need to succeed online or to solve the problem you are facing, etc.If you are in that sea of competition, how are you going to differentiate yourself from that wave of a competitive market?

Differentiation: A Key to Internet Marketing Success

The key to differentiating yourself is to present yourself in a way where you are letting an interested prospect know about a product/service you offer, but not in a way where you appear to be “shady” or desperate to sell your product/service.   ou also can’t afford to overhype your product/service or appear as you are an overzealous salesman who is willing to say or do anything to sell your product/service.  This will not differentiate you from the masses, as too many Internet marketers do this nowadays.   This is why many of the masses are turned off by the notion of Internet marketing offers and the thoughts of opting into someone’s list – they fear that they’ll be swamped with offers that don’t apply to them every day.

 Quality Writing Services

That is why you need a quality writer who knows how to reach those masses in a way that will let them know that you actually care about them and their problems and that you actually have offers that can truly benefit them and solve their problems without “shoving it down their throats” and making it sound like “they must buy this or else.”

There is a fine balance between presenting an offer to an interested prospect in a way that will convince him/her that the offer is exactly what he/she is looking for and purchase it versus overhyping and overselling the offer to where it is blatantly obvious that the marketer just wants to make a sale and doesn’t really care about the prospect and his/her needs and problems.

A quality writer who knows how to present an offer so that an interested prospect trusts the marketer enough to be convinced that the marketer has the prospect’s best interests at heart and that the prospect should purchase the offer is extremely valuable in today’s competitive Internet marketing field.

A quality writer can be the difference between becoming a successful Internet marketer with a positive reputation and sustained profitability and just another Internet marketer who blends in with the masses and gains the negative reputation of promoting every offer that comes his/her way and making as many sales as possible with no regard to his/her list.

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Jan 062012

There are a number of key features that make a successful website. When designing your own, the mounting lists of tasks can seem overwhelming. It begins with the name, then the design, and mounts rapidly. However, it is safe to say that one element of your website you should not neglect is its content.

Website Content – Writing Quality Counts

Overall design may grasp a reader’s attention initially, but for that hold to be anything more than ephemeral there has to be deeper substance. Where can you find this substance? Well, in the writing of course. Take your introduction page for example; no matter how fine tuned the design, without an intriguing introduction letter to the website, the viewer’s time on the website will be short-lived.

Good quality writing can do a lot for your website. It can keep people’s attention held, with intriguing pitch and provocative language. More than this, however, it can allow you to retain the competitive edge on other websites that may draw a similar audience. For example, take website A and website B. Website A decided to attempt to write all their content themselves. It is acceptable content, meets its purpose fairly and makes attempts at consistency. Website B, however, decided to outsource its content writing to a team of professionals who specialise in maximising the potential of content space. They provide succinct, appropriate, refined and persuasive copy. Now whilst Website A’s content may of been self-produced, and thereby cheaper, Website B made the prudent investment in the initial creation of the website to ensure longevity and success. Which comes out on top? Well, you can guess.

In the short-term producing your own content may seem the ideal solution, but if you wish to see your website reach all your expectations, be astute and look to the long-term requirements of your website – show its quality from the first letter to the last.

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Dec 302011

No, this isn’t about some shaded mind control technique; sprung from a travelling merchant you’ve met in the street. This is to talk the basic principles of language, how it can affect your business success and its influence over potential customers. Writing, like any art form, is a craft that, once perfected, can have a profound influence on what people are thinking, and how they are thinking it.

Words Can Help You Win

A fine tuned sales pitch is one thing, an appealing product another, but language is the final decoration that wins over the customers mind. Beauty is in the craft, and it has an alluring nature that punctures both the conscious and subconscious mind alike. How does it do this? Well, simple. Take SEO copywriting for example, an embellished, yet definitive sales letter can grip the mind of the reader from the start. Customers expect a quality product, and where better place to start displaying that quality than in the sale of the item itself.

This will reassure the customer of their decision; words have a guiding effect that flows, forcing the reader to flow with them.  Without this striking element to the sale, not only does it risk not properly engaging the reader with all that the product has to offer, but ultimately it risks discouraging their interest.

It can seem farfetched to put it close to something like mind control. But its effects aren’t all that dissimilar. Writing is without doubt the most influential art form and, like a carefully crafted painting, when handled eloquently, appropriately and creatively it can capture the reader’s mind and the reader’s heart.

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