May 022012

Content is king! Search engines love it and so do web users.

Don’t risk conversion rates with subpar web content. Manage the content on your site, to propel your online business into success.


What Content Do You Have?

To manage your web content, you need to know what you have on your site. Make a list of all the articles you currently have and if any of them need updating.

The worst thing you can do is have content that’s outdated. People will think you are unreliable if you let go of your website’s content.

Fill In the Gaps with More Content

Once you know what you have, it’s time to find out what you need to add. Put yourself in your visitors’ shoes and ask yourself what more they would like from your website. Start to jot down those ideas.

You can also do keyword searching to find web content ideas. Search for keywords that web users would use when interested in the products or services you offer. Use the search results page as your guide to the content you should include on your site.

Organize Your Articles with Categories

Web users want to find information easily online. Categorize your articles so visitors can find information they need quickly.

If you end up with too many categories, try to combine categories so you don’t have too many for visitors to sift through.

Keep a Steady Flow of Content

You want your website to be the go-to source for your customers. For this reason, you need to update your website daily or at least a few times a week. The best way to do this is to add fresh content.

If you don’t have the time to write the number of articles you need to keep your visitors coming back for more, you may want to consider hiring writers.  This way, all you have to do is come up with a list of topics you want them to write on and upload the content whenever you receive the articles.

Using a Content Company for Articles

If you find it difficult to keep up with the content needs of your site, and don’t want to rely on one writer or bother with hiring writers, a content company can be your solution.

Content companies, such as, has a team of quality writers who know how to write content that web users and search engines love. Since there’s more than one writer, you can have as many articles as you need in the time you would like to have them in.

Don’t allow your website to die out and lose the traffic you need for online business success. Manage your web content so you provide your visitors the information, services or products they need and want.

Apr 112012

To get quality traffic that readily converts to sales your writing content needs to be informative, interesting and inspire confidence in potential customers.  This isn’t a secret and most website owners know they need to project an intelligent, professional image for their brand to succeed.  But how???


1.  Don’t alienate customers with shoddy writing content

You may be a born salesman or woman, with the gift of the gab and a fabulous product or service – but not everyone knows how to get this across to potential customers with well-written content.

If your web content writing is amateurish and full of spelling and grammar mistakes people will definitely think your web-store is untrustworthy and dodgy.  Image and presentation are all-important in every type of selling!

 2.  Do make friends with your potential customers

If you’re serious about your business and want to know how to expand quickly and maintain high sales, a weekly blog is the perfect way to achieve this.  It’s a great way to make friends with potential customers and create a feeling of loyalty to your web-store.

People buy from people they like. This is a fact of marketing – so a regular, informative blog written in a warm and friendly tone is a great way to build up a good relationship with your clients.  Customer loyalty is vital to create a sustainable business through repeat sales and personal recommendations – especially during an economic downturn!

3.  Don’t write your own rambling, boring blog that achieves – nothing! 

Experienced sales/business writer knows how to do careful, in-depth research that ensures your blog zeros in on an original and interesting topic each week that will actively boost sales.

Each page within the blog should be optimised for keywords – preferable long tail. Long tail keywords are special keyword phrases that have 3 – 5 words in the phrase.  Long tail keywords may bring in fewer new visitors – BUT – the traffic they generate will be high-quality and have a higher sales conversion rate!

4.  Do submit plenty of eye-catching articles to high-profile web-sites and eZines

Article submissions are very effective in niches with either high or low cometition.  However, in highly-competitive niches where decent listings are hard to get – you should definitely be submitting a steady stream of fresh, eye-catching articles to high profile/high traffic sites and eZines.

If you’re lucky enough to find an especially creative writer, your chances of going viral are greatly increased and articles with your website strap-line could be whizzing around the entire world and connecting you with an enormous customer base!

5.  Do remember the new Google Rating System favours good quality articles

This year Google changed the way it rates websites – because the web was full of badly-written web content and articles which promised much – but actually contained no useful information.   This meant that Google was losing its reputation as a directory you could trust to find useful up-to-date information and trustworthy web-stores.

 6.  Do get help from the secret sales-force

If you expect to get a good rating for your web-store, it must contain keyword-rich useful information that people find helpful, fresh and easy-to-read.  Good writing that also incorporates your keywords naturally is a very special skill that only an experienced business writer can provide.

Professional copywriters are the secret sales-force behind many successful web-stores and hiring an expert business writer is incredibly cost-effective.  After all, you do want to get quality Google traffic to your site and keep them coming back over and over again, don’t you?

 7.  Don’t hesitate to ask us for advice!

If you have any queries about blogs, articles, email letters, newsletters and web content in general, we would love to hear from you!  Our friendly staff will be happy to answer your questions and discuss your requirements.

Exquisite is a well-established market leader providing high quality, cost effective business writing services to valued clients in the U.K. and all over the world.






Jan 062012

There are a number of key features that make a successful website. When designing your own, the mounting lists of tasks can seem overwhelming. It begins with the name, then the design, and mounts rapidly. However, it is safe to say that one element of your website you should not neglect is its content.

Website Content – Writing Quality Counts

Overall design may grasp a reader’s attention initially, but for that hold to be anything more than ephemeral there has to be deeper substance. Where can you find this substance? Well, in the writing of course. Take your introduction page for example; no matter how fine tuned the design, without an intriguing introduction letter to the website, the viewer’s time on the website will be short-lived.

Good quality writing can do a lot for your website. It can keep people’s attention held, with intriguing pitch and provocative language. More than this, however, it can allow you to retain the competitive edge on other websites that may draw a similar audience. For example, take website A and website B. Website A decided to attempt to write all their content themselves. It is acceptable content, meets its purpose fairly and makes attempts at consistency. Website B, however, decided to outsource its content writing to a team of professionals who specialise in maximising the potential of content space. They provide succinct, appropriate, refined and persuasive copy. Now whilst Website A’s content may of been self-produced, and thereby cheaper, Website B made the prudent investment in the initial creation of the website to ensure longevity and success. Which comes out on top? Well, you can guess.

In the short-term producing your own content may seem the ideal solution, but if you wish to see your website reach all your expectations, be astute and look to the long-term requirements of your website – show its quality from the first letter to the last.

We can help. Contact us for quality writing