Mar 162012

What’s most important in writing? Speed or Quality?

The answer is: both. Let’s discuss speed first and how it effects the service and client expectations. When offering a writing service, speed nearly always becomes an issue. This will not be surprising to most. If a client requires a piece of writing, they usually require it promptly. In addition, the writer will at most times have a wide range of projects to handle, meaning that for on-time delivery their writing speed is put to the test in addition to their ability.

Speed and Quality – Important Writing Attributes — Especially in Business

However, these two attributes need not be mutually exclusive. There are services where attentiveness and speed are equally important. Take audio transcript or e-book writing for example, or indeed any form of conversion writing. Whilst most skilled writers can boast high typing speeds, they can equally boast an ongoing attentiveness to what they are writing. This ongoing attention to detail ensures no mistakes are made at crucial moments of audio transcription. However, this is just one example of how a skilled writer can maintain speed and quality.

Writing – a Creative Process

A better example, perhaps, is writing that requires deeper creative thought. This is something the best writers will be the most proficient at. The natural flow of writing should be sought from reaching a steady speed. Any writer will tell you, writer’s block often stems from prolonging the writing process. The skill remains in letting your words flow naturally, and thus slow writing actually becomes detrimental to the process as a whole. That concept might appear strange, but as a client, be assured, you will know when you have discovered a good team of writers when they are able to produce excellent content at high speeds. Both speed and quality are equally important in a writer, regardless of the type of service they are providing – it is not just about their word per minute speed, but how fast and naturally the words can flow from the tips of their fingers.