Jul 092012

In today’s modern world, seldom will you find an individual who does not have semi-proficient typing skills. In the face of this, it can seem that audio transcription is a skill set that just about anyone is capable of doing, the only dividing factor being time available and word per minute speed.

However, this is simply not true. Whilst for the accomplished, the process does, of course, entail a special infinity for the keyboard, there are certainly other skills required. For example, it would be wrong to underestimate the importance of a strong knowledge of the English language. Semantics particularly come into play when performing a task like this, as it forces you to process seemingly unstructured words and seamlessly encode them into a new definitive structure. Grammatical knowledge, strength of vocabulary and an ear that hones onto the intricate details of speech are all necessary components to providing good quality audio transcription.

This latter detail deserves particular attention. Often when relating to the ‘English language’, we fail to appreciate the wide range of sub-languages that encompass it. When it comes to audio transcription, the difficulties of this are evident in most writers’ inability to accommodate for regional differences. Accents are always a nuisance for those who do not have a strong awareness of all aspects of the English language – it requires someone with a regional expertise, who knows the special variations that an accent can bring.

Here at ExquisiteWriting, our writers take special pride in their ability to adapt tone, voice and accent. If you are searching for the right audio transcript service, you should be aware that budget outsourcing will usually equate to hiring writers who do not have regional expertise in your required language. It is a guaranteed truth that for high quality English script, you need English writers. Not only will they have lived with the language, but they will have studied it in the extensive detail that is necessary for their craft.

Go elsewhere and you may find that a foreign team, professing to provide professional audio transcription, does not meet the level of quality that you expect. Furthermore, such better quality writing can be sought by finding individuals who have expertise in the topic in question. This might appear surprising in audio transcription, but it is nevertheless true that through the use of acronyms, or indeed any type of short hand speech, meanings can become lost to those who do not understand the subject in enough detail. Note examples such as medical transcription – for this to be of a high enough quality, it is essential that the writer have a grounded knowledge in the subject, else accurate transcription will not be guaranteed.

It further illustrates the point that typing is not something that just anyone can do. In truth, the ability to provide top quality audio transcription remains a service only sustainable by a team of professional writers, whose expertise extends across a broad range of topics and knowledge of regional difference.

Mar 162012

What’s most important in writing? Speed or Quality?

The answer is: both. Let’s discuss speed first and how it effects the service and client expectations. When offering a writing service, speed nearly always becomes an issue. This will not be surprising to most. If a client requires a piece of writing, they usually require it promptly. In addition, the writer will at most times have a wide range of projects to handle, meaning that for on-time delivery their writing speed is put to the test in addition to their ability.

Speed and Quality – Important Writing Attributes — Especially in Business

However, these two attributes need not be mutually exclusive. There are services where attentiveness and speed are equally important. Take audio transcript or e-book writing for example, or indeed any form of conversion writing. Whilst most skilled writers can boast high typing speeds, they can equally boast an ongoing attentiveness to what they are writing. This ongoing attention to detail ensures no mistakes are made at crucial moments of audio transcription. However, this is just one example of how a skilled writer can maintain speed and quality.

Writing – a Creative Process

A better example, perhaps, is writing that requires deeper creative thought. This is something the best writers will be the most proficient at. The natural flow of writing should be sought from reaching a steady speed. Any writer will tell you, writer’s block often stems from prolonging the writing process. The skill remains in letting your words flow naturally, and thus slow writing actually becomes detrimental to the process as a whole. That concept might appear strange, but as a client, be assured, you will know when you have discovered a good team of writers when they are able to produce excellent content at high speeds. Both speed and quality are equally important in a writer, regardless of the type of service they are providing – it is not just about their word per minute speed, but how fast and naturally the words can flow from the tips of their fingers.



Jan 242012

A good press release is a highly effective marketing tool, that costs very little to produce and can get your message across to a huge audience!  Written in the third person as if one of the newspapers’ reporters had written it, it’s an excellent opportunity to get information about your product, service or special event featured in a local or national newspaper – free!

What should I put in my press release?

Something interesting!  No editor will accept an article that’s just an advert pretending to be a newsworthy story.  Journalists need interesting stories because that’s what sells newspapers, so if you want free exposure you have to give them what they need!

This means writing about a current newsworthy issue that can then be linked to your product in a creative and objective way.  Not everyone has this ability.  You need to be able to think and write like a journalist and find a newsworthy aspect of your business to write about.

Don’t write a string of business-speak clichés that just say ‘this product is wonderful’, without giving any details of what it is, who it will benefit or why it’s unique or special.

How do I develop an angle?

The best way to find an angle for your press release is to read the papers that you want your press article to appear in.  Look for stories that aren’t strictly-speaking news and if you read to the end, you will probably find that a new product, service or business is actually being marketed.

For example, a new hairdressing salon opening in your town isn’t big news, but a headline like New Salon First with Eco-Hair Products – links in to environmental issues – a topic of major importance and wide interest to women, children and men!  Think about The Body Shop and how much publicity they gained by leading the way with products not tested on animals!

Create goodwill

Look for universal or local themes that will affect many people in your area.  Try to choose an angle that shows your business in a very positive light and creates lots of goodwill towards you in the local community.  For example, discounts for disabled people or your local hospital – something that will make you stand out and be more popular than your competitors.

How is a press release used?

You can send an individual press release alone, or with a pitch letter containing information about your company to a selection of newspapers by email or in the post.  A good tip is to find out which journalist deals with the topic of your press release and then phone them first to introduce yourself and your story.

Courtesy counts

Journalists are very busy people working to strict deadlines, so the best time to speak to them is usually between 10 a.m. – 12 noon.  Don’t rush into talking about your wonderful news – always be polite and ask if this is a good time to discuss your press release.  If not, ask when would be a good time for you to call back.

Practice your pitch beforehand, so it comes across as natural and stick to the point.  After you’ve delivered your pitch, if the reporter is interested they’ll ask for more information.

Send in your press kit/media pack 

Ensure you have a good quality press kit ready to send immediately along with your press release and photo.  Press releases are an important feature of a full press kit and need to be both absolutely professional and, above all, contain an interesting story along with the marketing content!

Mark the envelope with the words, Requested Information, to make sure it will be opened and processed quickly. Follow through with a phone call to ask if the editor/reporter has had a chance to look through it, and ask what they think.

If you’ve provided a concise, interesting and professional press release, you’re about to get some very valuable free publicity!

Golden rules of Press Releases

Building up a good relationship with the local press is a Very Good Idea and will help a lot in getting your press releases printed. The golden rules are to avoid over-exaggeration and business-speak clichés that don’t mean anything and be very courteous to the newspaper personnel – they are a great source of free publicity!

At Exquisite Writing we have an experienced team of talented writers, who can provide eye-catching press releases and all types of high quality business writing for successful marketing!




Jan 032012

Today the internet is regarded as a powerful tool in all regards. It is a medium which gives voice to billions of people, a voice that when united morphs into a machine capable of great feats. This characteristic is particularly true when it comes to search engines. With the correct amount of optimisation, even the most obscure of websites or businesses can gain wider recognition. It is the most viable means for small businesses to get their name known, or get the targeted number of hits on their website. SEO writing can be a big help in gaining recognition via search engines.

The Value of SEO

SEO is a need that should not be underestimated. Search engines are used daily by nearly everyone who possesses the internet. They provide a means to constant coverage and, when handled correctly, can deliver a continuous flow of hits to your website. Now, you might think that with certain keywords just about anyone can do this, that as long as your website addresses its topic subject generally it’ll perform well enough through search engines. HOWEVER, there is a good chance that you are not optimising your content to suit this purpose, or if you are, it is easy to risk becoming overt in your intention.

What do we mean by this? Well, a reader will want to be under the impression that they are reading content for a certain purpose. Take the introduction to your website for example; it must remain coherent and intelligible whilst still delivering essential keywords. These keywords cannot appear sporadic, or the viewer will realise the intent quickly.  With the right skills and optimisation abilities, even the most veracious of content can be subtly encoded to fit the most popular searches.

Hire a Good Writer

Additionally, a good writer will be able to slot in these keywords just about anywhere. With the right creative skill, any piece of content can be shaped to suit all needs. Skilled SEO writers are essential to good, purpose written content on your website. They are able to wield words and phrases alike in all types of context and dialogue, and you’d be surprised to realise just how invaluable the right amount of optimisation can be for your business or website.

Need help with SEO? Our SEO writing services can help you succeed in search engines AND with your website visitors. Contact us to talk about your writing needs:


Dec 302011

No, this isn’t about some shaded mind control technique; sprung from a travelling merchant you’ve met in the street. This is to talk the basic principles of language, how it can affect your business success and its influence over potential customers. Writing, like any art form, is a craft that, once perfected, can have a profound influence on what people are thinking, and how they are thinking it.

Words Can Help You Win

A fine tuned sales pitch is one thing, an appealing product another, but language is the final decoration that wins over the customers mind. Beauty is in the craft, and it has an alluring nature that punctures both the conscious and subconscious mind alike. How does it do this? Well, simple. Take SEO copywriting for example, an embellished, yet definitive sales letter can grip the mind of the reader from the start. Customers expect a quality product, and where better place to start displaying that quality than in the sale of the item itself.

This will reassure the customer of their decision; words have a guiding effect that flows, forcing the reader to flow with them.  Without this striking element to the sale, not only does it risk not properly engaging the reader with all that the product has to offer, but ultimately it risks discouraging their interest.

It can seem farfetched to put it close to something like mind control. But its effects aren’t all that dissimilar. Writing is without doubt the most influential art form and, like a carefully crafted painting, when handled eloquently, appropriately and creatively it can capture the reader’s mind and the reader’s heart.

Looking for winning copywriting services to help you make an impact with your customers and prospects? We can help. Contact us for a quote:
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When it comes to creating backlinks, you want your backlinking strategy to be as efficient as possible. Not only that, but you surely want your efforts to be as effective as possible. Well, there are some things you can do to stretch your content out and create as many backlinks as possible.

Keep in mind that it is best to use unique content whenever possible. For example, if you buy Private Label Rights make sure the content is rewritten before you start using it. The more unique you are, the better off you’ll be.

Backlinking with Article Directories

One of the top strategies for creating backlinks is to post unique articles to directories such as EzineArticles.com or GoArticles.com. The basic idea is that you create articles or have someone do it for you. Then, these articles get posted on the top article directories. For even better results, make sure that the content is optimized.

Backlinking with Free Blogs

Another great backlinking strategy is to create a series of free blogs on services like Blogger.com to give you some backlinks. The nice thing about blogs is that you can link to your site more than once because you can put the individual links into your posts. Just be sure not to overdo it or Google might start to penalize you.

Backlinking with Automatic Submissions

Some services, like Unique Article Wizard, are set up to submit to various article directories automatically. Each service has a different process, but they all require at least one article. Just follow the instructions related to the specific service. These are a great option because you can get a lot of links at once.

Backlinking with Free Sites Like Squidoo

Are you familiar with Squidoo and Hubpages? If not, why not hire someone who is? They don’t necessarily need to create the lens or hub for you. If you hire someone to write the content, you could always post it yourself. These sites offer yet more opportunities to post backlinks.

Most people agree that an effective strategy to get backlinks is with article marketing. And, the more backlinks you have the higher up in the search engines you will go. This translates to more website visitors and therefore more business.

Exquisite Writing is a team of skilled copywriters who can help you with backlinking via all of the above strategies and more. Interested? Contact us for a quote: