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We provide timely, excellent copywriting and ghostwriting services to a wide range of clients, and specialise in books, articles and successful web content. We use American, Canadian, Australian and UK copywriting experts, and only writers who have English as their first language. To work for us, whether a writer is a UK ghostwriter, UK copywriter or American, Canadian etc – the bottom line is that a writer’s written English must be of the highest standard.

Julie-Ann Amos

Copywriting Services

This website provides international and UK copywriting and ghostwriting services and information to clients looking to have a book written, a blog, report or website with successful web content. We write most things and can cover a wide variety of topics, so do get in touch.  Simply click the “request a quote” button at the top of the page and we will respond to your query.

We not only ease the experience of working with copywriting experts, but also advise you on how to develop a good working relationship with writers and ghostwriters. You may access our copywriting and ghostwriting services, audio transcription, portfolio, and a range of helpful guidance articles on writing and working with writers to generate successful web content. We have a great deal of useful advice on how to work with a writer to get the results you want – including how to specify a project to get the required results, how to spot a poor writer, advice on using ghostwriters, copyright etc.

Julie-Ann Amos

This site is owned by Julie-Ann Amos, a UK ghostwriter running an international writing company. A Google search will quickly reveal the extent of her  writing experience.  You may also be interested in an interview (from when she started the company) with her at Contact Julie-Ann for information or feel free to fill out a new client questionnaire and we would be happy to provide a quote.