New Client Questionnaire


Thank you for your enquiry about our writing services. I would be delighted to discuss and, if appropriate, give you a quote.

Below is our New Client Questionnaire below, as without more information it’s not possible for us to give you an idea of pricing. If you could please reply and send us responses to the questions below, it would enable me to give you a fairly accurate quote for your project!

The more information you can give us about your project, the better job we can do!

Please excuse me if I do not respond to emails and messages within a couple of hours! We believe all clients should be handled personally, and you will only be passed on if it is more appropriate that another team member deals with you direct as they have more knowledge and experience in this area. After we have a full understanding of your needs, either I or another team member would take care of your future needs.

Thank you for your enquiry!

Please fill in your name: ie. Mr. John Doe
Please enter your email address.
Please enter your telephone number.
Where are you located for tax and billing purposes (what country)? Please note that VAT is payable on all quotes for UK clients.
Would you like a quote in sterling £, US$, AU$ or € Euro?
What type of services do you require? (Type of written work e.g. web pages, print book, ebook, articles, sales letter, white paper, press release etc.)
What is your desired timeframe for completion? eg. 5 days, 3 weeks or 5 months
What is the goal or purpose of the project? (e.g. inform website visitors, to get more subscribers, earn on an AdSense site, marketing, sell a product, increase search engine rankings, etc.)
What is the call to action for this work (if applicable)? What do you want people to do when they read what we have written? (e.g.Click links for related ads, click a ‘Buy Now’ button, click to visit your own site, or are the articles more for search engines than human readers?)
Where will the work ultimately end up? Knowing the target audience and where the articles will live can often help me envision your project the same way you do and with the solution and best words in mind.
Who is the target or intended audience? And what do you know about them?
Where will we get the necessary information, if your project is a book you wish ghostwritten. Have you given thought to this? Will you record audio for us, send us notes and documents or expect us to sit down with you and interview you to gain the story?
Any online examples you have that are perfect examples of what you require? e.g. if you are looking for a website copy or sales page, a few examples of the style you require will enable us to match this as closely as possible.
Do you have a budget in mind or are you looking for us to quote? We are of course happy to quote you a price, but if you do have a budget in mind it can prevent a lot of unnecessary dialogue if we know we are unable to work within your means from the outset - this will save both of us time!
Any other info you think we should have about your project?