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Professional writing services often portray their writing teams as the most expert, most responsive, and most effective you can find. These are easy claims to make, of course, but very hard to substantiate in most cases as these same writing services don’t provide you with more specific details about team members. This makes it difficult (and nearly impossible) to ensure you can access the best ghostwriter or creative writer for your needs.

Get to know the team: is different. We maintain a team of the most expert freelance writers anywhere, many of whom specialize in particular topics, genres, or styles. Our writers have both broad skills and specific knowledge. What exactly does this mean? It means we offer you a team of professionals to fulfill whatever requirements you may have, whether you need a UK ghostwriter or US blogging expert.  Julie-Ann Amos is an experienced, published prolific writer, and only hires the best!Here are a few examples of our different types of writers:

Copywriter: A good copywriter is essential to put a professional spin on your work.  We can write work for you or edit what you already have produced by yourself.  A UK copywriter can add that UK English writing feel to your work if required, and our large US team can offer copywriting on a global basis.

Creative Writer: A creative writer has a broad background with the ability to research and write about nearly any topic. He or she is particularly good at writing stories, biographies, profiles, poetry, and other imaginative types of content.

Ghostwriter: A ghostwriter has a broad background of experience and knowledge, with an almost uncanny knack for writing content in the voice and style of another person. He or she can transform words so that they sound just like yours in an e-book, an article, a blog, a newsletter, or any other piece that needs to come from you.  A UK ghostwriter will sometimes be best for a UK author, but not necessarily so.  We have the flexibility offer both UK and non UK writers.

Travel Writer: A travel writer has the knowledge and expertise to write nearly any kind of travel-related material you might want. He or she can produce reviews, overviews, and descriptions of travel locations as well as advice and tips for booking and taking part in travel excursions of all kinds.

Special Interest Writer: A special interest writer produces focused on very narrow interest areas. He or she may write on topics such as knitting, scrapbooking, model railroads, genealogy, kite building, growing orchids, coin collecting, or any other of the hundreds and hundreds of specialty topics you might require.

This is just a sampling of what is available from Whether you need a creative writer, a ghostwriter, a special interest writer, UK copywriter, UK ghostwriter or other kind of writer, our writing team we can meet your needs with professionalism and quality. Want a quote? Fill out our questionnaire at