Better Business Writing


Business Writing – A key part of your business and brand identity

Better business writing is a key component in your success. It represents the image, the identity, the very soul of your business in communicating to others. If you can’t always be there to communicate effectively in person, shouldn’t your business writing be exceptional enough to do that for you? understands the importance of excellent business content, so we use only the most experienced professional writers to craft your business content for maximum impact and effectiveness. With your input and needs as the central focus, every piece is custom created and polished until it perfectly represents you and your business.

The key to excellent business content

Nearly every article on business writing includes key characteristics of good writing. These are great starting points, but they are only starting points. The key to creating exceptional business content is to carefully craft each message so that it communicates exactly what is needed for each target audience. No third party writing service can do this for you without listening, understanding, and becoming intimately familiar with your needs. takes great care to provide you with business content that is thoughtful and effective for your business. We listen to your needs, work to thoroughly understand the essence of your business, and then put that information into exceptional content custom designed for your use.

How to find better business writing professionals

You may be new to hiring professional writing services or have years of experience – either way, we think it’s important to review the most important steps you can take when looking for a writing professional.

  • Expertise
    It is not enough to just find a gifted writer; rather, you need a gifted business writer who has the business expertise to understand your message and communicate it effectively.
  • Reputation
    Your business writing needs are too important to entrust to anyone but a seasoned professional with an exceptional reputation.  If writing isn’t your strong point, you might not realize that your copy has errors, which can be disastrous for your business.
  • Cost vs. quality
    Accepting the lowest bid often leads to content that is ineffective, poorly written, and in desperate need of revision. Around 35-40% of our business is “remedial work” – taking work done for a low price by other writers and making it usable for the disappointed (and sometimes furious) client.  Better business writing is an investment that yields great dividends down the road.
  • Culture and language
    You may have a UK website and just need a UK copywriter to attract your UK-based clients and customers.  Or you may have a UK website that needs to be global, international, to tap into other markets.  Or you may be a US, Canadian, or Chinese company looking to tap into the UK market for example.  Here is where the choice of a UK copywriter or international copywriter comes into its own.  We can provide both in one neat solution.  UK English or US English – you choose.  Not done with a language spellchecker, done professionally by a resident writer in the country you need! is home to the best business writing professionals you will find anywhere. We have the business expertise to craft your messages and the solid reputation to produce content on time and at a reasonable price.

Contact Julie-Ann Amos for a quote on any business writing project, whether you require a UK copywriter or an internationally based business writer from the team.