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We regularly provide blogging services for clients on a wide variety of topics. These are people who want a blog but don’t have time to write one of their own. They use it as a means to keep having fresh content on a site, and gain SEO rankings and traffic for their websites.  The solution – hire a blog writer!

Writing a blog seems to be the pastime of technology oriented people everywhere. We’re blogging about everything, our jobs, our kids, our travels and our troubles. But just what is a blog? How do you get one? And, do you really want one?

About Blogging

Blog is short for weblog – an online journal. They started in the mid 1990’s, but were really little more than ramblings of the sometimes mad, sometimes brilliant writers who wanted an Internet soapbox. Today, there’s still plenty of that out there – but weblogs have come a long way. There are political blogs, news blogs, tech blogs and sex blogs. Like everything else, there’s the good, the bad and the ugly.

Blogging has become a new brand of journalism. It’s immediate – a blog writer’s reaction to an incident is published as quickly as his ability to type. And, blogs are inherently personal – meant to be editorial in nature. The reader gets to know the writer, and to understand their perspective on issues as a whole – something you never get from writing a one-time “letter to the editor”. Blogs are also generally free from editors – allowing the blog writer (or blog ghostwriter) to truly speak their mind without looking for the “audience” the editor and publisher are trying to reach.

Blogging is just beginning to unfold as a communication mechanism. Today, they are largely personal, and serve, to a great extent, to provide a common ground for people of like minds. As time goes on, however, we will likely see the blog become the preferred venue for editorialists and other journalists. They are also likely to become more business oriented, as well, as businesses see the value in having writers who write their opinions and narratives about an industry, and possibly the products associated with the industry.

If you’re interested in starting your own blog, you’ll need a way to host the website. There are many ways to accomplish this, depending upon your own personal requirements, computer skills and budget. Regardless of your subject, if you like to write and get your opinions out in public, or if you just want a way to keep an online journal showcasing pictures of your children, a blog is the diary of the future.

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