Audio Book Production


Convert Your Book With AudioBook Production

So you’ve completed your book or e-book (or better still, had a ghostwriter write it for you!), the hard work is done and now you can sit back and wait for the rave reviews – and the cash – to roll in…

It’s a nice image, and no doubt one that drives many people to spend time and effort (or cash if you use a book or ebook writer to write it for you) on such a writing project in the first place. However, it is common knowledge that the best authors are the ones who consistently adopt successful marketing strategies for their work.

As well as press releases, online extracts, recommendations and as much publicity as you can get, one great way to market your book or e-book is to create an audio book version of it. And with the new technology available, this may not be as complicated as it sounds.


The benefits of sound

As a proud author, you will want as many people to read your book as possible. But to achieve any kind of success it is important for people to know about it in the first place, and for that you need to get the word out there that it is available.

The internet is a continually evolving place. People do not have time to read everything they come across, and authors are finding it increasingly difficult not only to direct people to their products, but to keep them interested when they arrive.

If you want to capture the attention of your potential readers, creating compelling copy is just one technique. But think of the benefits of having a few audio snippets of your book available for download that can be listened to in seconds. This is a sure-fire method of getting your readers’ juices flowing, and if you can play them a good extract then if they like it there is a greater chance that they will buy the real product. People may well skim over your written sample chapter, but listening is a whole different skill, and it could win many more readers over time.

But why stop at snippets? Audio books are a continually growing market, with thousands of quality products now available to download instantly as podcasts. This should be considered a whole new method of getting your book out to new ‘readers’. Creating a downloadable podcast version of your book could double your potential sales, or even overtake sales of the original product. With such potential, audio book production should be considered an essential sales options for any author.


The benefits of a quality audio book product

Once you have gone to the trouble of making an audio version of your book, the next concern is quality. While an audio book can provide an ideal form of marketing – not to mention additional sales – it will only be successful if it is done well.

Here at Exquisite Writing we provide our own audio book creation service. We have our own recording studio, complete with the latest technology, where we will set about producing a high-quality version of your book in a short period of time.

With experienced UK female voice talent available at your service, and with additional benefits such as original introductory music and backing music for chapter introductions, we can record your audio book with ease. We’ll make sure that your new marketing product does justice to the hard work that you have put in to your product. Why UK voice?  Because I happen to be a UK copywriter/UK ghostwriter!

After all the work that goes into book writng – whether by you or by a ghostwriter, it is tempting to believe that your work is done when you stop typing. However, as any successful author will tell you, it has only just begun. But get yourself help – people who can record your audio book version to create a product that you can be proud of, and give your audio book the marketing and sales boost that it deserves.

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